How To Train Your Unconscious Mind While Working on the Computer [Windows]

Tina Sieber 17-11-2011

By training your unconscious mind, you can influence and potentially change your behavior. You can for example do this by repeating affirmative statements to yourself. A much more subtle method is to use subliminal messages, that you pick up unconsciously. Admittedly, the effect of unconscious stimuli is weak and temporary, however, it isn’t entirely negligible. Wouldn’t you like to find out whether this zero effort technique can be used to train your unconscious mind?


Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist! What I am presenting here is a simple tool, which is to be used in a simple way, in conjunction with harmless messages, all with good intention. It cannot be used to self treat serious mental conditions or other medical conditions. Please do not use the methods and tools described here to manipulate others or to harm yourself or others!

What Is The Unconscious Mind?

Before I instruct you on how to set this up on your computer, let me give you a brief introduction to your unconscious mind.

train your unconscious mind

Your unconsciousness is an awareness filter. It allows you to concentrate on one task while there are a million other things in the back of your mind or happening around you. For example, the filter enables you to focus on a conversation in the midst of a busy party. However, while nothing escapes your senses, you only become consciously aware of it, if your brain recognizes that it is relevant.

For example imagine a situation in the past when you were deep into a conversation and when you suddenly heard your name mentioned somewhere. Didn’t you find yourself promptly distracted and shifting your attention?

How Can I Use Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal messages are sensory stimuli that are below the threshold for a conscious perception. In other words, you don’t notice them. They can be short flashes of images or text, as well as auditory signals. What they do is inform your unconscious mind, which can potentially impact how you feel or how you behave.


Whether or not messages directed at your unconsciousness work, greatly depends on how you word them. Your unconscious mind best processes present tense and positive statements. Moreover, your affirmations should be personal and specific. The shorter, the better.

train unconscious

The best way to use subliminal messages is for simple, positive thoughts and instructions, such as reminding yourself to drink water regularly (I enjoy drinking water!), to reducing eye strain from staring at a screen all day and helping you blink your eyes more often (Blink your eyes!), or to lift your mood (Smile and be positive!).

Free Subliminal Text

Free Subliminal Text (FST) is a Java-based tool that flashes subliminal messages on your screen while you are using your computer. Per default, the text appears partially transparent as very brief flashes in random locations of your screen. You can customize these settings in the Options tab of the tool.


train unconscious

For me personally, the default timing was too long or maybe my computer was too busy. I could clearly see the text flash up, which was very annoying. I adjusted it to 5ms with 500ms breaks in between messages. I also increased the font size to 100 and increased the alpha to about one third. Finally, I positioned the text in the center.

Under Messages you can add as many different text pieces as you like. You can drag and drop sentences from the suggestions or add your own. Your messages can be displayed either sequentially or randomly.

train your unconscious mind


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Have you ever used affirmations to boost your confidence or help you while you were consciously trying to change something in your life? What has worked for you and what didn’t?

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