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How Traditional TV Is Dying, Dropbox Was Not Hacked, And More… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 15-10-2014

Also, the end of Double Irish, how to remove those annoying Facebook Stickers, the end of Bono’s megalomania, and how to write a song using autocomplete.


Millenials Don’t Watch TV On TVs

Millennials, that is Generation Y, or people born between 1982 and 2002, are changing the way they watch television. Gone are the days when families sat around the square box lurking in the corner of their front room; younger people now watch TV on a range of different devices without paying for cable.

We know this thanks to the latest figures from comScore, which detail the changes to the traditional TV viewing landscape. We discover that 24 percent of millennials don’t pay for a cable TV subscription; 13 percent have cut the cord, while 11 percent have never paid for television, period.

Meanwhile, people aged 18-34 now spend one-third of their TV-viewing time watching on devices other than a television set, be it a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. This is a much higher percentage than the 35-54 and 55+ age groups.

This is mixed news for the cable companies and TV networks. Yes, people are increasingly cutting the cord Cut That Cord! How to Ditch Cable If you've read about the cord-cutting phenomenon but aren't sure where to start, this is a guide to cutting the cord and ditching cable TV for good... Read More thanks to the burgeoning number of other ways of watching TV that now exist. But they’re still consuming the shows they always have done, just in new ways. Therefore, the companies which start catering for those people will be the ones who succeed as we head into the future.

Dropbox Insists It Was Not Hacked

Dropbox insists that, contrary to multiple reports, it has not been hacked. This denial was issued after a list of usernames and passwords was posted to Pastebin with the claim that millions more would follow.


Some of the username and password combinations appear to be working, but Dropbox Top 10 Creative Uses For Dropbox Or Other Cloud Storage The agility, flexibility, and low-cost scale ups turn cloud storage options into more than an online vault to back up your documents and files. But cloud storage is more than these important but mundane uses.... Read More maintains that these were stolen from other, unconnected services, and that its systems remain secure. Whether you believe Dropbox or not, it cannot hurt to change your password 3 Default Passwords You Must Change & Why Passwords are inconvenient, but necessary. Many people tend to avoid passwords wherever possible and are happy to use default settings or the same password for all their accounts. This behavior can make your data and... Read More just to be on the safe side.

Ireland Stops The Tech Tax Loophole

The Republic of Ireland has announced plans to end the tax loophole commonly referred to as the Double Irish. This tax loophole means companies headquartered in Ireland can funnel revenue through a country with more favorable tax rates. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and many other tech companies have used this to their advantage in recent years. But no more.

Michael Noonan, Ireland’s finance minister, recently told the Irish Parliament, “Aggressive tax planning by the multinational companies has been criticized by governments across the globe and has damaged the reputation of many countries. I am abolishing the ability of companies to use the ‘double Irish’ by changing our residency rules to require all companies registered in Ireland to also be tax resident[s].

The loophole will continue to exist until 2020, giving these companies plenty of time to abandon Ireland in favor of another soft option.


How To Remove All Facebook Stickers

Facebook is currently rolling out the option to reply using stickers Windows 10 Proves Popular, Apple Ruins Finland, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Nakamoto sues Newsweek, Facebook adds stickers, Flickr Wall Art, buying Ebola, and beating Nintendo 64 games. Read More across the whole of Facebook. Which is more than a little annoying for those of us who prefer words. Thankfully, some bright spark has already developed a way of removing those stickers from your Facebook experience.

Unsticker Me [No Longer Available] is a browser extension that, as its name suggests, unstickers you. This essential extension by Rodney Folz is available on Chrome and on Firefox [No Longer Available], while the source code is available through GitHub for anyone to tinker with.

Bono Apologizes To All iTunes Users

Bono has apologized for forcing the new U2 album onto everyone Yes: That U2 Album Means Apple Can Send Data To Your iPhone U2 is one of the world's biggest rock groups, and their latest album just ended up on your iPhone or iPad for free. Is it a great deal, or a bad precedent? Read More by automatically adding it to their iTunes. Driven by the mistaken belief that U2 are still popular, Apple gifted Echoes to all iTunes users, whether they wanted it or not. Millions of people downloaded it Jony Ive Condemns Apple Copycats, Amazon Opens New York Store, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Satya Nadella gaffes, Imgur kills GIFs, U2 Echoes numbers, and Hatsune Miku on David Letterman. Read More , while the rest were offered a special tool for removing the album from iTunes Microsoft Buys Minecraft, How To Delete U2 From iTunes, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Windows 9 is incoming, iPhone 6 preorders, Kickstarter expansion, Surge is back, and texting Groot. Read More .

During a video interview hosted on Facebook, a disgruntled U2 fan asked, “Can you please never release an album on iTunes that automatically downloads to people’s playlists ever again? It’s really rude.” To which Bono replied, “Oops … I’m sorry about that. I had this beautiful idea. Might have gotten carried away with ourselves. Artists are prone to that thing. A drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity, a dash of self-promotion, and deep fear that these songs that we poured our life into over the last few years might not be heard. There’s a lot of noise out there. I guess, we got a little noisy ourselves to get through it.” Bono? A megalomaniac? Never.


Jonathan Mann’s Autocomplete Song

And finally, it’s now entirely possible to write song lyrics using the autocomplete function on your iPhone and still end up with a masterpiece. We know this because that’s exactly what Jonathan Mann, who releases a new song every day, has done.

Sure, some of the lyrics are nonsensical, but the song itself is fantastically listenable. Surely no one pays much attention to the lyrics these days anyway, so perhaps this is a method that a rock band which has run out of ideas could use. Someone like, I don’t know, U2, perhaps.

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