Touch Test: Touch Screen Test App For Your Android Smartphone

moin 13-10-2010

If you suspect your Android phone’s touchscreen does not accurately register your touches, there are not many tools you can confirm your suspicions with. What you need is a touch-tracking application that will display the path of your touch as you use the screen. This is precisely what Touch Test app offers.


touch screen test app

Touch Test is a free and highly useful application for Android phones. The app is sized at only 273 KB. The app provides a grid on which the path of your finger is traced. The boxes on the grid determine the exact location where your touch is registered. The tool supports multitouch thus it can be used to figure out how many simultaneous finger-touches your Android smartphone supports.


  • Android smartphone touch screen test.
  • Traces your finger’s touch on a grid.
  • Supports multitouch.
  • Can be used to determine what kind of multitouch support your phone offers: 2-fingers or more.

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