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Totallee Unveils the Thinnest Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases

James Frew 31-01-2020

When you buy a brand new smartphone, the last thing you want is to damage it. Smartphones, as advanced as they are now, are also supremely fragile. It’s worth protecting your investment.


With that in mind, the smartphone accessories manufacturer Totallee have unveiled their latest range of cases for the Samsung S20 lineup, which will be launched on February 11th, 2020.

Designing Smartphone Cases

Smartphone design has evolved over the past few years, packing higher specification hardware into slimmer devices. So, it’s unlikely that you’d want a case that adds substantial bulk to your otherwise thin phone. Totallee understands this and has made a name for themselves producing some of the thinnest, but most effective, smartphone cases on the market.

You may be wondering how they could produce a case for a phone that hasn’t even been released yet. Well, to make sure you can pick up a case on launch day, case manufacturers need to have them ready to ship before the device officially launches.

The designers are sometimes given advanced information from the hardware company or make predictions based on publically available information. That said, Totallee has an unbroken, six-year streak of designing perfectly proportioned cases for launch day, and there’s no reason to think that the Galaxy S20 lineup would be any different.


Totallee Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases

Totallee have three variants available for preorder:

All cases will ship from February 25th and cost $35. You have a choice of two designs for each variant; matte black or transparent.

Unlike some cases on the market, Totallee’s products don’t have their branding across them, and the cases are designed to fit snuggly around the phone.

Each matte case has a thickness of just 0.02 inches, while the transparent case is 0.03 inches. There is additional protection around the camera, and the case weighs just 0.1 ounces. The Totallee cases don’t prevent you from using your phone’s wireless charging capabilities, either.

How Will You Protect Your Device?

To many people, cases are an essential smartphone accessory. There’s nothing that strikes fear as intensely as thinking you’ll damage your brand-new flagship phone.

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