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9 Top Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Rob Nightingale 28-04-2017

Working on a business, be it a one-person freelancing outfit or your own company, can be a lonely pursuit. Having a network of people who can help, advise, and empathize with you is extremely valuable.


Finding these kind of people in real life is possible, but difficult. Especially if your own friends aren’t very entrepreneurial. That’s where these Facebook groups come in.

Each of these groups has been selected because of their helpful, friendly community of entrepreneurs and freelancers The Anatomy Of a Successful Freelancer Being a freelancer is a difficult way of life. While most jobs have a consistent income coming in every week, freelances only get paid when they find work for themselves. Read More . These groups that will welcome you with open arms, provided you stick to the group rules.

1. Freedom Hackers Mastermind

freedom hackers mastermind

With over 40,000 members, Freedom Hackers Mastermind is one of the largest entrepreneurship groups out there. Successful businesswoman Kimra Luna set up the community “so like-minded entrepreneurs can help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate each other’s wins in business.”

The group is now a thriving community where you can gather feedback, network, discover interesting content, and help other entrepreneurs on their journey.


2. Freedom to Freelance Project

freedom to freelance project

At just 6,000 members, the Freedom to Freelance Project group is a close-knit community of professional freelancers that’s constantly helping its members. Most questions revolve around helping with marketing ideas, finding clients, and more practical aspects of running a freelancing business.

Each Friday, members also get the chance to promote their services via a comment in a Facebook post. This stops the group from becoming a pitching ground, which nobody likes.

3. Entrepreneur Hustle

entrepreneur hustle


This is a group for entrepreneurs that “believe in the hustle” and who are all about taking action. The membership is a mix of both seasoned business-owners and fresh-faced entrepreneurs. This makes for a great balance of people who are both asking for help and offering knowledge.

A lot of the talk revolves around marketing (especially Facebook campaigns The 10 Best Facebook Business Campaigns Facebook is the holy grail of advertising. With over 1.23 billion users, it's a nearly limitless way to get your brand out there -- if you're able to get your campaign right. Read More ), but almost all questions, no matter the business topic, will get answered here.

4. Rising Tide Society

rising tide society

The Rising Tide Society is focused mainly on helping creative entrepreneurs up their game and providing support throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Although there are plenty of designers, writers, and artists in the group, the real draw here is for photographers. So much so, that the community made it into our list of top Facebook groups for photographers.


As you can imagine, with over 60,000 members, the amount of knowledge and support on offer is phenomenal, and the daily success stories will always keep you fired-up.

5. Savvy Business Owners

savvy business owners

Since this group is for female entrepreneurs only, I haven’t been able to check it out in person. Nevertheless, Savvy Business Owners is arguably the best Facebook group out there for self-employed businesswomen.

With around 10,000 members, plenty of resources are shared, questions answered, and encouragement given to help members take their ventures to the next level.


6. Super Hero Entrepreneurs

super hero entrepreneurs

The founder of the group, Dan Henry, went from pizza delivery boy to making six figures per month online. So when he does (occasionally) pop up in discussions, he has plenty of value to share. But the other 19,000 members of the group also make this an extremely valuable resource for entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to internet marketing.

If you want better results with online advertising, social media marketing, and critiques of your sales funnels, this is a fantastic group to join.

7. 60 Second Persuasion

60 second persuasion

60 Second Persuasion is a little different from the other groups in this list. Rather than everything being “business talk,” there’s a lot more general chatting going on about life as an entrepreneur. This feels more like a group of friends than a public community.

On top of this, there are also regular posts about how you can use the psychology of persuasion to help your business. This is relevant for “everything from website copy, design, emails, client communication, negotiations, [and] positioning.”

8. Digital Nomads Around the World

digital nomads around the world

There are plenty of friendly communities for digital nomads 7 Friendly Communities for Every Traveling Digital Nomad Being a digital nomad can involve more spent time alone than you may like. But is having a community while traveling really important? And if so, which online communities are the best to join? Read More , but Digital Nomads Around The World is one of my favorites. And with over 38,000 members, it’s bigger than you might think.

Many of the posts link to genuinely interesting content related to digital nomads, working on the road Life on the Road: The History of Digital Nomadism Read More , and how others are building businesses while traveling. Given the experiences of the people in the group, this is the perfect community to join if you’re running a business while traveling. Not just for the practical business experience other members can share, but also for the travel advice that’s freely on offer.

9. Being Boss

being boss

This group was originally formed as an accompaniment to the Being Boss podcast as a space where listeners could discuss the shows. But it’s since grown to take on a life of its own. Many members tend to be in creative fields, including selling crafts. So if that’s your industry, there’s plenty to be learned here.

Got a question about the best software to use 5 Web Apps for the Online Business Startup If you are a businessperson looking to make it big, then the Internet is your friend. It gives you a global audience. It also provides you with a multitude of tools Read More , social media tactics, or just want to vent about a bad day? You’ll be welcome in this group!

Give What You Can

Online groups only work when everyone contributes what they can. So if you join any of these groups, be sure to check out their rules and guidelines first. Avoid self-promotion and try to give value where you can. This way, groups will continue to offer fantastic value and help their members build ever more successful businesses How to Turn Your Passion into a Startup: 7 Tools to Help You Do It Whether you dream of turning your talent for baking, graphic design or programming into a full-time job, technology makes it easier than ever to transform your dream into a profitable company. Read More .

In return, you’ll have a community at hand that’s ready and willing to answer your questions, pick you up after a bad day, celebrate your wins, and share their favorite resources with you.

Which other entrepreneurship-focused Facebook groups do you find useful? Which offer you the best networking and the most useful knowledge? Please let us know in the comments!

Image Credits: nd3000/Shutterstock

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  1. sumit
    February 21, 2018 at 7:24 am

    there is a group on facebook which should be included in this list
    here is the link to the group -
    on this group you can get project leads with client details

  2. Trevor Carss
    November 15, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    This is an incredible list Rob!

    I'm a part of Entrepreneur Hustle and love the community there.

    If you're looking for a 10th to add here for passionate entrepreneurs, this is the one to watch!:

    Trevor Carss

    • SUMIT
      February 22, 2018 at 7:42 am

      there is a group on facebook which should be included in this list
      here is the link to the group -