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Top 8 Websites To Find The Most Priceless & Viral Images

Jessica Cam Wong 11-07-2011

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The Internet is full of entertainment, but if you’re looking for more amusing ‘lol’ images or other priceless images and other goodies, be ready to unleash your inner procrastinator and check out the following list of websites. They’re bound to entertain you with tons of hilarious pictures for at least a couple of hours.


priceless images
theCHIVE is a booming photoblog with many recurring posts, most of which are collections of hilarious, bizarre or otherwise, potentially viral images. Some of these posts include the Daily Afternoon Randomness, which is a highly popular set of either edited or unedited, random and funny pictures, as well as the Daily Morning Awesomeness, another popular post with a variety of either inspiring, cool or sometimes, even jaw-dropping but hilarious images.

There are also other sections on the site, which feature themed posts for certain weekdays, viral videos, as well as, photos of random hot girls or actual female readers of the site that may sometimes be NSFW. The site’s also done pretty well when it comes to donating to readers, or Chivers, in need, but it has also created some Internet hoaxes that have even fooled network shows and other media outlets. Still, theCHIVE is highly addicting and serves a ton of photo galleries that will satisfy the palate of those who are hungry for raw comedy in picture form.


crazy priceless images

BuzzFeed shows viral videos, images, links and general content in real-time, submitted by the staff and users of the site, which was actually started by a cofounder of the Huffington Post. The posts range from human interest stories to celebrity gossip news. You will still catch plenty of funny pictures for different types of humor on this site, as well as interesting and useful information once in a while.



crazy priceless images

Cracked started out as a humor magazine, first released in 1958, and eventually saw itself on the web, continuing the works of the print edition (which was discontinued in 2007). It features lots of compilations (e.g. 8 Historic Symbols That Mean The Opposite Of What You Think), weekly image manipulation contests, and daily contests to allow users to submit their creative captions to bizarre photos.


crazy priceless images

This site has been active for 7+ years and is known for having plenty of helpful articles for college survival, and creating original comedy shorts, like the web series Jake and Amir, and ones even including celebrities, such as Michael C. Hall (the lead of Dexter) and Malin Akerman (from Watchmen). When it comes to funny pictures, CollegeHumor also has picture galleries with lots of bizarre and hilarious images you can’t miss.


FailBlog & Icanhascheezburger [Both From Cheezburger Network]

viral images


FailBlog features lots of hilarious videos and pictures that can either belong in the fail, the more intense “epic fail”, or win categories. The site’s Youtube channel has over a million subscribers and it’s almost like a “America’s Funniest Videos” show for Youtube. Icanhascheezburger is of course, its sister site that shows cat pictures with witty captions in lolspeak, generally for different categories. These “kitteh” videos and images have exploded on the web in the recent years because there’s always a new cat video or photo these days, but it never gets old to see some cute animals doing
innocent and hilarious things.

viral images


Funny Or Die

viral images

Founded by comedian and actor Will Ferrell, Funny Or Die, launched this website to feature comedy shorts submitted by users, and sometimes, even original short films starring Ferrell and his colleagues, and sometimes even other actors. Though the site is known for its video content, it also has photo caption contests for users to vote on and funny picture galleries to entertain everyone.

Geeky Fun

priceless imagesOur site co-founder, Kaly, has been scouring the web in search of hilarious pictures and posting them for a while, so be sure to check out our very own Geeky Fun section. It’s mostly material that even tech-savvy users can enjoy. If you use Google Reader or any other feed reader, add the Geeky Fun RSS feed! You won’t regret it!

Did we miss any site? Let us know in the comments!


Image Credit: Scott Clark

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    Lolwot,, they are new the the world but a great spot for wtf?! and lol news!

  2. Chuck
    December 19, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    A new one I just came across is has kind of a 70s retro feel and they do original content in the Dynamite Tv section. Good stuff.

  3. Dave
    December 13, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Honorable mention to and
    Both are similar and have viral content. Keeps me going for hours!!

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    August 12, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Pretty impressive post from MUO... Just loved it 

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