Top 8 Sources For Downloading And Printing Masks

Saikat Basu 10-10-2013

Did I catch you shopping for Halloween masks? You should be out and about as Halloween is not very far away. There’s time left to ratchet up the creepiness with the right mask and the right costume to go with it, but why not start “mask hunting” now with a few ready online sources for printable masks.


The Web coughs up a lot of Halloween ideas and there’s so much to choose from. We do our bit too – from websites for the best Halloween costumes 7 Websites to Help Inspire and Make the Best Halloween Costumes Read More to geeky house decoration tips 10 Techie Halloween Decorations, Gadgets, and Toys With the 31st of October lurking, consider ordering a few Halloween decorations and gadgets to terrify your friends and family. We've gathered some of the most chilling gear around -- read on if you dare! Read More , we cover a large territory. We don’t waste nifty Halloween recipes 10 Brilliant But Creepy Halloween Recipes To Spook Out Your Friends Halloween may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a holiday where most people have fun and why shouldn’t you? If you’re not so keen on the idea of wearing funky costumes, how about trying... Read More either because you can’t spook someone on an empty stomach. But over here, I will try to do something different. Masks aren’t just about that single day; they are also for all the wonder years of our childhood. These online printable mask websites can be permanent fixtures when you are thinking of some fun family craft 4 Awesome Family Fun Crafts You Can Make With Online Printables Are you trying to come up with things to do with your family? Spending hundreds on toys is an idea, but so is spending an afternoon with your kids making fun paper crafts. You may... Read More time. Onwards then, to the ten top sources for downloading and printing masks.


Printable masks

The others which will follow this will be free websites. This one is not, though it’s just as expensive as a ride around town looking for the right mask shop. Masketeers is an attractive website ideal for the “artistically challenged” parent or kid who wants to draw a mask but stumbles. That was the inspiration for Ian Nicholls when he saw his wife make the aborted attempt. Now, with the help of the site it’s easy to print out a mask, cut it out on hard paper or paperboard, and wear them out. Full color and line art versions are available and you have a lot to choose from — aardvarks and zebras, to aliens and zombies. 307 masks and counting. With $27 one-time payment, you can have access to the entire collection. There are three masks available for free to try out before you put down the dough.

Star Wars Masks

I wish I was part of the Rebel Alliance. In another universe and many Galactic years apart, I can only watch the movies and wear the masks. Or, at least the kids who share my dream can. They are also at the right age when they can play around with light sabers wearing their choice of favorite masks from the series. You can shop for a variety of memorabilia and movie merchandize. Tucked away in and around the site are character masks from all the different movies in the Star Wars universe. The easiest way to get to them is to go to the Search page and type on “masks”. Star Wars Halloween masks is just one of the results you will get.


Mr. Printables

Halloween Masks

Mr. Printables is a fun website for kids with free printable masks and other fun things to wear. At a glance, I could check out Dragon Masks, Animal Masks, Robot Masks, and Halloween Masks. Most of them can be printed out on A4 sheets and cutout. As the site says — a mere paper crown is enough to make children feel like kings and queens!

Printable Masks

Printable Masks

From the soothing colors of the previous to the plain looks of this…but that shouldn’t detract you from the nicer collection here. 239 masks and counting in the categories of animal, people, and fantasy. The masks can be downloaded for free as PDF files and then printed out. Pay up $15 and you can have the whole bunch in one shot. The masks are all neatly laid out, so I am guessing most of us will go for the single-click and free download option. But if you feel they are doing a good job, the money could serve as a pat on the back.


Disney Family

Avengers Masks

Here you won’t find a large collection, but if you are following the current rage with The Avengers, then these free printable masks will do. Earth’s mightiest superheroes are well represented by masks of Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America. You can continue on (linked from the Disney site) and find more masks. From what I could see, there are more than 40 printable masks there.

Squidoo Lens: Free Printable Face Masks

Printable masks

Where can you find John Lennon, Elvis Pressley, The Queen, Batman, Spiderman, and a few characters from Dr. Who? All these printable masks can be found in this nice Squidoo lens. The printable masks link to their original source websites of course, but it’s nice to find them all together for easy download and printing.



Masks on Pinterest
If it’s anything to do with creative crafts, you are sure to find a reflection on Pinterest. Sure enough, search with something like “free printable masks” and open up a whole smorgasbord of mask printing ideas and templates. Like any other pins, the masks themselves link to their source websites where you can go and find even more ideas if you run out of them on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual “search engine” now, and you are sure to get a glut of choices.


Free Printable Masks

Here’s where I round off the ten-pointer article with a post on Wonder How To. This page is really bookmark worthy because of the eclectic collection it has managed to compile from the corners of the web. There are political masks of Obama and Sarah Palin (is she still in the news?); Koko the gorilla; and the guy from MAD (Alfred E. Neuman).

Did you miss one of the most famous masks from history? The link should fix it. The use of masks is one of the most ancient practices of the human race. Even today, we use it for protests, mime, religious ceremonies, and for criminal disguise. But as Halloween approaches, let us remember that it can simply be used for fun. Did I get most of the good sources that could help you download and print masks? More importantly, did I get most of the masks you are looking for? Either way, your comments can only help enrich this article. Unmask them in the box below!


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