Top 5 Websites To Watch Old Movie Trailers You Forgot About

Dean Sherwin 08-10-2009

old movie trailersRecently, the cinema I attend started screening classic movies a few times per week in its smaller screens. These included old faithfuls such as The Godfather and The Blues Brothers and some movies that many couldn’t place right away such as The Thing.


Classic movies are indeed movies that have fallen through the cracks and are now long forgotten by most but still have the ability to captivate audiences with their unique plots and their charm grows with age.

So where does one find old movie trailers for movies that are now long gone from the silver screen? The internet’s a big place and user generated content sites such as YouTube only scratch the surface in terms of the sheer amount of films made since the 1920s. The sites below delve deeper.


old movie trailers

This site is obviously put together by classic movie fans with no real intention of making any money from it via advertisements etc. Basically, it consists of a database of reviews, screenshots, posters and of course trailers. It has not exactly embraced web 2.0 but then databases really are just long lists.


By selecting “˜AV Gallery’ you’re accessing the database of audio and visual material; “˜Visual’ being the key word here. You’ll see a long alphabetical list of films along with their dates (as far back as the 1920s). Some only have soundtracks but most will have a small image of a film reel beside it. By clicking on the reel you’ll download the old movie trailer for the film format which is playable in Real Player.


old movie trailers

While this film database site doesn’t only cater to classics it is a worthwhile visit for those in search of classic trailers. My reason? Because it covers classic films from all over the world. Down at the end of the website it lists the countries where the films hail from. These include France, Ireland, Britain, America and Germany. There is also a huge selection of Bollywood films.

In the “˜Classic‘ section I found old movie trailers for movies such as King Kong (1973 Remake) and David and Goliath. The trailer player is good although I did find the site to be a bit sluggish overall. I think that whatever technology they used to build the site could do with an upgrade.


All the same, Jaman does have a selection of the most memorable movies to capture audiences although it’s lacking in anything pre-1960, I found.

Chasing the Frog

classic movie trailers

Despite its odd name, this film site has a huge selection of film trailers. I easily found films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Stand by Me. Once again, all of the films are listed in alphabetical order and it’s pretty easy to access the database by selecting “˜Trailers‘ on the home screen and then “˜Classic Trailers‘ underneath the search function.

Most of the trailers originate from sites such as YouTube and MetaCafé. This allows the trailer to load fast as they’re using big companies’ servers which are fast and reliable. They clearly put a lot of effort into assembling all of these film trailers in the one place and it has paid off.


classic movie trailers

Metro Goldwyn Mayer was one of the most iconic film production companies on the planet with its golden era being between the years of 1920 to 1970. The company’s official motto is “˜Art for Art’s Sake’ – and indeed art is exactly what they created.

Their website has a bank of all of their film trailers. By simply using their Search or Browse function you can look through reams of films dating back to just after WW1 – or “˜the silent era’ as it’s known. Under each film there is a “˜Multimedia’ button which will bring you to all of the media stored about the film. Alongside soundtracks and interviews there are theatrical trailers that you can enjoy for hours on end (I know I did).

Turner Classic Movies

classic movie trailers


This movie site discusses purely classical movies but it isn’t restricted to trailers. There are tonnes of posters, reviews and soundtracks available here for thousands of films going back into the 1930s.

The trailers are easily found by using the search function to sift through their database of over 150,000 titles. An example I used was the McQueen classic, “˜The Great Escape’. By clicking on the film an image loads along side two options; “˜Movie Clip’ or “˜Trailer’.

Click trailer to be shown the original theatrical trailer for any of the 150,000 classics. The videos load fast and the media player is really good.

These sites should keep you entertained as well as yearning to see the full films. I intended to write this article in just a few hours but I ended up wasting a perfectly good Sunday gawking at old, classic movie trailers. I now intend to spend the rest of the week watching old movies.

So what classic films hold a place in the hearts of the MUO readers?

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