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Top 5 Sites With Scary Stuff That Makes You Jump

Ryan Dube 17-12-2009

scary gross stuffIf you’ve never been scared by a pop-up video prank and you scare easily, then I suggest that you turn back now. If you’ve had the old pop-up prank played on you, or you were searching for scary stuff that makes you jump and you came across one of these, then you probably know what to expect. Ever since ghost hunting became popular and ghost hunters started posting their videos of paranormal activity on YouTube and other video hosting sites, pranksters started developing parody videos that not only mock those ghost videos, but they also scare the pants off most viewers.


If you’ve seen these videos, then you know what to expect. Usually the scene starts with calm serene scenery, like the famous car commercial with a luxury car driving along a curvy mountainside road. Then, suddenly and horrifyingly without warning, the scene flashes to a large close-up image of a gruesome face.

The earliest scary pop-up videos made use of images like the possessed girl from The Exorcist. Over time, more pranksters have created videos using all sorts of horrible images, not only from various horror films, but sometimes even images they’ve developed themselves. There’s one thing all of these sites have in common – they all feature extremely scary stuff that makes you jump worse than you’ve ever experienced before.

So if you’re brave enough, brace yourself and let’s take a look at five of the best sites for these videos.

Get Ready – Scary Stuff That Makes You Jump

I’m not kidding when I write that these scary videos will make you jump. I’ve seen people go flying back in their chairs, and even run backwards across the room screaming, just to get away from the computer screen. That’s how scary some of these videos are, so if you have a weak heart or otherwise scare easily, consider yourself warned!


The first website is ScaryAndFun. This site has the best collection of scary content that I’ve seen, organized into categories like flash games, pictures, pop-ups, advertisements and more – all organized in the left menu. If you don’t believe that an online video could possibly scare you, just take a look at the advertisement clip labeled “Yoga Tranquility.”

scary stuff that makes you jump

This innocent-sounding 19 second clip starts off with one of the most beautiful and serene scenes you could imagine – a person doing slow Yoga moves on the very top of a mountain. Then, as you really get relaxed from the great imagery and background music, suddenly some sort of zombie appears in close-up in front of the screen.

scary stuff that makes you jump


While this one might make you jump just from the surprise of seeing something so deformed appear within a beautiful scene, this one is actually one of the more tame ones. There are others are are far worse because the image that appears is much more clear and very gross.

The next site that deserves a mention is ManiacWorld. This website is another decent-sized collection of scary stuff organized into sections like scary games, scary pictures and of course scary videos and pranks.

scary stuff

By the way, see that selection titled “The Scary Maze Game” at the top? That is currently one of the most popular scary pop-up games that takes your friend through four levels of a maze that forces them to concentrate, and then after the last level they’re treated to a wonderful closeup of the Exorcist girl. And the Color Blind Test is almost as bad. It takes you through a few levels of a typical color blindness test, and provides your results after each level. After the last and most difficult test, when you hit “submit” you’re treated to a view that’s sure to make anyone jump out of their socks.


scary freaky stuff

Sure, it’s a pretty bad makeup job and the photo is completely out of focus – but when you’re unprepared for the sight, it’s enough to nearly give anyone a heart attack.

Another good website with a very good-sized collection of these terrifying images and videos is Winterrowd. Just the section of scary games has several pages of freaky games just like the example above.

sites with scary freaky stuff


One of the funniest ones at this site is a video titled “Click Here to See Megan Fox Topless.” Of course, what red-blooded male wouldn’t click on the link just out of pure curiosity? Sure enough, your reward for your curiosity is a very slow-loading image of Megan Fox, and just as the image load gets to the “good part,” you’re treated to the following image.

scary freaky stuff

Now that’s a B-movie image that’s sure to kill the mood faster than a cold shower. Where do they come up with this stuff? Surprisingly, one of the best collections that I’ve seen for most of the more popular freaky pop-up videos and games online is actually ScaryForKids – a website devoted to providing scary content to kids. The website seems a bit morbid, but the truth is, kids are searching for this sort of stuff in droves – most likely to play pranks on each other of course!

scary gross stuff

These are all the best of the best freaky videos, games and clips that are proven “shockers” that will get your unsuspecting victims flying out of their seats in complete terror.

Of course, the king of all scary pop-up websites is also the site that leads all others in sheer volume of video content – YouTube. I actually first stumbled upon most of these prank videos during my YouTube searches for ghost videos. Turns out that if you search YouTube for “scary popup,” you’ll discover mostly all of the freaky pop-up videos in existence.

scary gross stuff

Click on any one of the results to check them out – but a word of advice: if you don’t want to get totally shocked, just slide the image mostly off the screen, or pause it and move the slider across so that you control the speed of the video. This might at least dampen the effect a little. Either way, the image still won’t be pleasant.

Another angle you can take if you want a more unique scary pop-up video to prank your friends is to create your own movie Make Quick & Professional Looking Videos with Windows Movie Maker (Part 1) Read More and embed a really scary image into it. Most of the websites mentioned above have sections that offer scary images, and you can embed any of those into your own video.

Do you know of any other scary prank websites? Have you ever been “pranked” by a friend with one of these? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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    January 13, 2016 at 4:36 am

    Try to google family home entertainment logo. There is one scary popup after displaying the logo. The logo has a blue background with percy the green engine mentioned.

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    This was actually cool, you skipped a few but It was quite entertaining. The scary car commercial is an absolute classic that everyone needs to see. Great work stop by sometime

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