Top 5 Celebrity Websites To Get The Latest Entertainment Gossip

Saikat Basu 23-03-2012

top celebrity websitesI thought my previous post on the 10 Entertainment Websites To Get Your Daily Celebrity News Fix 10 Entertainment Websites To Get Your Daily Celebrity News Fix Read More would be the end of it. After all, how much grist can rumor mills generate? Apparently quite a lot because the celebrity craze just doesn’t die down. As an experiment, I opened two random celebrity websites on two tabs of my browser just to compare if the same kind of news is getting recycled. A casual glance told me that there’s enough happening in the wide streets of Hollywood (and elsewhere) to feed our star frenzy.


So, if you are really keen to know what happened after Clooney got arrested, or what Brad Pitt’s sexy assistant looks like, I am throwing in five more websites for you to grab the latest entertainment gossip from.

ET Online

top celebrity websites

It is the online face of Entertainment Tonight, a popular tabloid styled entertainment show that’s syndicated around the world. So, the website doesn’t do too badly either. You can be pretty sure if a gossip gets confirmed, this is one of the places you will get to hear it. The site includes lots of serious content too with interviews and behind the scenes takes. You can also stream the latest episode of Entertainment Tonight. There’s a section on celebrity fashion also which you might not get on other websites of this ilk. Last but not least, you can head to the Awards section on the site to catch up with the big moments if you missed it on TV.


best celebrity websites

A lot of sites in this genre claim to be #1. But it’s difficult to ignore It may or may not be top dog, but it definitely has the barking rights. Unlike the previous site we looked at, this one has its roots in a popular celebrity magazine. People magazine follows a more sober style of Hollywood journalism. You might recall the magazine from its annual Most Beautiful People, The Best Dressed, and The Sexiest Man Alive lists. If ET Online has a section on fashion, People isn’t far behind with its look at Style Trends. Plus, there’s a celebrity baby blog (with a nice Giveaway page) and a specials section on celebrity pets. But I like to go over to Games and waste some time with trivia, celebrity crosswords, and more.


OMG! by Yahoo

best celebrity websites

The rest of Yahoo might be huffing and puffing behind Google and Facebook, but the celebrity sub-site is getting the clicks. It’s difficult to say what this celebrity and entertainment site has that others on this list don’t (probably the brand name)…probably the currency of the latest entertainment news brought in from various media sources around the world. OMG also partners with X17 and Access Hollywood. Last year comScore put it at head of the class in the United States.

Wonderwall [No Longer Available]

best celebrity websites

Wonderwall may not be in the top tier of celebrity gossip sites just yet, but it has an eye-catching entrance. It is a tie-up between MSN and BermanBraun Interactive. The MSN site is a welcome departure from Microsoft’s usual staid offerings. Call it a collage of celebrity pictures or a celebrity “wall”, the assortment of photos does pull you into the content. The content itself is on the best of pop-culture, from large colorful photos to slideshow styled articles. There’s a celeb directory too which leads to a collection of articles bunched around a particular celebrity and the news they have made. Wonderwall is probably the most interactive and graphic rich site on this short list of entertainment gossip websites.


Radar Online

top celebrity websites

As an online and offline entertainment magazine, Radar Online isn’t that old (started in 2003). The print magazine is off the racks, but the website is popular. The site serves the usual diet of entertainment gossip on movies, fashion, and pop culture. Radar Online is part of AMI (American Media Inc.) which has brands like National Enquirer, Men’s Fitness, and Playboy as part of it.

Consumption of entertainment news and celebrity gossip is on the rise. We are a generation which likes to shoot the breeze over anything and everything. As celebrities wash their dirty laundry in public, we as perennial gossipmongers lap it up. These five celebrity websites here are just the tip of a large moving iceberg. Which is your favorite website for celebrity news and gossip? Tell us.

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  1. Ian Davies
    May 21, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Great list though I would add MarkMeets too.

    The UK based celebrity gossip website has been online since 2004, and provides the latest UK Entertainment News, celeb interviews, info on film premieres, competitions, movie news, celeb photos, music video and all things celebrity includuing signings.

    They also commentate in media from major TV and radio networks bringing the latest breaking stories and exclusives.

    The site found Mark Boardman has interviewed dozens of A-list stars and the team around him also film at red carpet events.

    • Saikat Basu
      May 21, 2012 at 10:48 am

      Just went over to the site. There are so many celebrity sites and still we the readers don't get enough :) Thanks for the link.

  2. Carly Foulkes
    March 30, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    This site is the best!