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Top 4 Websites To Discover Free Linux Games

Danny Stieben 15-08-2011

<firstimage=”//” />free linux gamesWe (as in Linux users) have all wished that some of those popular games we see in commercials would be readily available for Linux. While some titles, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, apparently run well under WINE, people may wish for native games instead.


I am one of those people, as I’ve never found games that work flawlessly with WINE. Also, I have to admit, finding good, native games for Linux can be a bit tricky.

So here are three different websites that’ll make finding free Linux games a lot easier.



free linux games
PenguSpy is “numero uno” in my list for a couple of reasons. First, and this applies to all websites on my list, there is a great selection of games you can discover. In fact, there are currently almost 200 games currently in the database. PenguSpy also shows you all the games in a well-designed page with glossy images. Whenever you click on a game, you’ll see a description as well as a quick video about it.

However, what I like most about the site is that it is extremely well organized. On the left side you have a decent list of different categories of games that you can explore. While there aren’t an equal number of games in each category (one can have 33 games while another has only one), it is great to see the different types of games being included to satisfy a larger range of tastes. The organizational tool is located at the top, where you can filter out whether you would like to include free and/or non-free games in your search, as well as open and/or closed source games.


Linux Game Database

linux games
Linux Game Database is another great website to discover native Linux games. Although the website may not be quite as visually appealing as PenguSpy, it is still packed with lots of information about all the latest games. There are a couple of different areas on the main page, including the newest additions to the database, game news and reviews, updated game versions, and users’ choice games.

Clicking on a game will lead you to some screenshots, video, and general description of the game. There are the categories to which the game belongs to and information about other features, such as single-player/multiplayer capabilities.

LGDB also offers a list of suggested tools, a forum, news section, videos, and a chat area for users to enjoy. Getting involved here for longer periods of time will keep you very up-to-date on the latest happenings.


free linux games
LinuxGames is a blog-type website that covers all of the latest news and game information for Linux. It stays up to date and covers popular titles, such as the Humble Indie bundles. Appropriately, the blog posts include some videos of the game that is being discussed, which helps get a visual idea of the games.


The site also offers reviews of a select number of games. There is even a section for podcasts, though they seem to be dated. Maybe with a little more interest they can start working on those once again. However, keeping up with reading the blog posts will help you stay informed about current Linux games.

Wikipedia’s List of Linux Games

If for whatever reason the three sites above don’t cut it for you, then you can go straight to a list by Wikipedia of all known and documented Linux games for which a Wikipedia article exists. Wikipedia is not a gaming site but it’s nice to know that such a list exists.


Although it may not seem like it, Linux has a decent amount of high-quality games to offer. It just takes a little time and the right tools to find them. Hopefully with these four suggestions you can find the games that you like the most and enjoy Linux to the fullest.

What is your opinion of gaming on Linux? What advice do you have for commercial game developers? Do you know of another great website to discover free Linux games? Let us know in the comments!


Image Credit: neuro via Flikr

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