Top 3 Sites To Download Free Blackberry Themes

Dean Sherwin 28-08-2009

Top 3 Sites To Download Free Blackberry Themes blackberry theme head photoInstead of looking at those generic themes you get with Blackberries you should download some new, custom themes made by developers. I’ve had some cool ones in my time.


Many themes are made to resemble a popular movie, a video game or given good effects such as Neon or X-ray. Other themes will transform your Blackberry into a Windows Mobile lookalike or just create something so weird you just have it keep it.

All that said, it can cost you, these themes. The average theme can cost anywhere between $5-$10 which can get annoying if you like to change things up often. It’s like a sting in the tail; having already paid hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash just to get the phone, you now have to pay more to make it your own. But I’ve found three sites that will let you download free Blackberry themes that look just as good as any of the other themes that will set you back $8 a pop.


I’ll warn you, this theme site is the most basic of the bunch but you can strike gold here. When you first go to the site, there will be a list of devices across the top. Select whichever device is relevant to you. For the purpose of this demonstration I’ll select Blackberry 8220 Themes.

free blackberry themes


As you can see in the screenshot, the site sends me to a page with dozens of different themes for my device. Below each theme there is a download link. When I find a theme that I like I simply click that link to download it to my computer.

Then, using the manager that came with your Blackberry, transfer the file onto the device using the USB cord or simply e-mail it to yourself as an attachment. Open the file on the blackberry and follow the instructions to install it. Once it has been installed, restart your Blackberry and your theme will be ready for use.


blackberry themes free download

This website has a similar URL as the last but rest assured it’s a completely different site. This one goes into more detail with their themes and tells you exactly what you’re getting before you download. When you go to the site, select your device from the tag along the top.


You will be brought to a page with free Blackberry themes for your device. Browse through the themes until one takes your fancy. When you click on the theme it gives you more information about the theme as well as several screenshots.

One thing I found odd about this site was that the download link was hard to find. After a minute or two of clicking and searching I discovered that all you have to do it scroll right down to the bottom of the page, past the Google advertisements and you’ll see the link (pictured).

blackberry free themes

Use the same method as above to transfer the downloaded file onto your Blackberry and to install it.



CrackBerry is aptly named as it is “the number 1 site for Blackberry Users (and abusers!)“. This is my favourite with the only downside being that it requires you to sign up (their reasoning in this will become clear in a few minutes).

Just go to the site (make sure you visit and click “˜Register’ up in the top right hand corner.

blackberry free themes

Once you have completed your registration and you have logged in, begin your free Blackberry theme search. This site also offers apps and tools for your Blackberry but seeing as this article is about themes we shall focus on them solely (although the process is the same for all downloadable content here). When you have found the theme of your dreams, click onto its page.


You will see information and screenshots of the theme. If you’re still impressed, click the “˜e-mail me the download link‘ button. This is why they wanted you to register.

Using your Blackberry, retrieve the e-mail and follow the download link. Accept the file and the download will begin. Once it has been completed (it only takes a few seconds) install it by following the on-screen instructions and restart your Blackberry. Once again, the theme is ready to transform the look of your Blackberry.

Tip: If you’re using another site (which undoubtedly users will post links to below) just be careful that what you’re downloading is from a reputable site and make sure you scan all incoming files with an anti-virus package.

So please let us know if you get your Blackberry themes from elsewhere and if so, let us know the links!

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