The Top 10 YouTube Videos With Easy To Learn Card Tricks

Saikat Basu 14-09-2010

<firstimage=”//”>easy to learn card tricksYouTube is the grand melting pot of all that you can think up and put on video; from cats chasing lasers to 4,000 people having a balloon fight. But apart from the weird, wacky, and the wonderful, YouTube is also a weighty place for some free DIY video lessons.

We will let YouTube be our Hogwarts School and teach ourselves some easy to learn card tricks. Card tricks are not only fun and cool, but they are a social skill too.

No you don’t have to become Mandrake the Magician, and you don’t have to pull out a rabbit. You just need a deck of cards, gather a bunch of friends around the table, and with a sleight of the hand impress the hell out of them.

The thing with card tricks is that the befuddling effect in the eyes of the beholder is greater than the trick itself. So let’s try for that look with these ten simple and easy to learn card tricks on YouTube.

Fastest Card Trick

This one is an amazing but simple color changing card trick. And you can learn it in a “˜snap’. With deft fingers, you should be able to learn it in around ten minutes or so.

Choose A Card From The Deck

The first video was to show you how an easy trick can be impressive. This one here is for the rank beginners and one of the most common card tricks. What’s more, a kid is doing the demo.

Predict The Card

A very simple trick that appears damn complicated, but as the instructions reveal, it’s all about counting your cards right.

The Rising Card

A card trick which relies on a bit of misdirection to achieve the magic effect. But you have to be slick in the first move when you lift the top two cards. This card trick is an Expertvillage how-to, and you can catch this entire series (by Brandon Nowasky) which takes you from the basic techniques to the more advanced ones.

Coin Through A Card

If you aren’t too good with sleight of hand tricks or fanning cards with one hand, this one is for you. Drop a coin through an impossibly small hole. I won’t spoil the secret, check out the video.

The Card Lift

This simple card trick again illustrates that when a trick is explained, it seems so humdrum. Try guessing the secret as to how the card rises out from the box before it is actually revealed.

The 18 Cards

This is a very simple beginner’s card trick that calls for a lengthy performance, but is a neat spectator trick all the same.

Flip Flop Color Change

This card trick can be demonstrated in a few seconds, but you have to put a lot more in practicing for it. The impact is slick “˜n smooth.

Mind Control Card Trick

A pair of scissors is mandatory. This card trick is a bit on the chancy side because it relies on psychology. But follow the tips and you may just walk away with the applause.

Fan Your Cards & Make Some Disappear

This one is a cool card trick from Expertvillage again that shows how you can “˜fan’ your cards to make them vanish from plain view. It is a dead simple card trick, but do it when you can fan a deck with one hand. It just looks more polished.

Even though these tricks may appear simple, you still need to practice. Magic is about simple logic, confidence, and performance. Let the first one remain hidden while putting on a show with the other two. And as a wannabe card magician, follow the age old “˜magicians never tell’ credo. Even though you learnt it all on YouTube.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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