Top 10 Websites to Find the New Movie Releases This Week

Saikat Basu 15-02-2011

new movie releasesTurn the page. Your local newspaper surely lists the upcoming movie releases for the week. But wait, isn’t this the age when we reach for the mouse faster than we scan newsprint?It’s a good thing too as the web does a better job of looking into the future and keeping tabs on what new movies will get released. For the movie addict it’s manna from heaven as he does not have to hold his breath or buy a trade glossy to find out when his expectation will meet reality.


Though as a movie addict, I am still waiting for baited breath for the next Avengers movie.  But thanks to the kind of websites we have listed below, I know the movie is most likely to be released on May 4th, 2012. So movie addicts, suck in some oxygen as these websites tell us if a release is due this week or it’s in the near future.


new movie releases

Believe me,’s homepage is a huge distraction. The slideshow on upcoming movies is a huge distraction. I have to literally stop myself from meandering away to other links. To find out about new movie releases, head to the section entitled – Now Playing. You can find it under the drop downs under the Movie menu on top and again at the foot of the page.

The movie releases are for U.S only but that’s also indicative of when it gets released in the rest of the world as these days movies are released almost simultaneously. Clicking on the months gives you all the coming soon movie listings. The nice little box on the right gives you the showtime information too.


Box Office Mojo

new movie releases to rent

Box Office Mojo is an IMDB site and if you are interested in the business side of things, you will be here. The Release Schedule gives you a broad list of new movie releases (in theater, in DVD, and in Blu-ray), not only for the coming week but also for the coming year and beyond. You can also find the show times for your area. You can see if the movie will get a wide or limited release. The By Date tab also tells you about any date changes.

Rotten Tomatoes

new movie releases to rent

Rotten Tomatoes is no less authoritative than There’s the “˜Certified Fresh’ rating and the Tomatometer benchmarks to go by. Find out what’s playing this Friday and every other Friday for the coming six months. When you click on the Movies link at the top, you also get to straightway see the movies releasing this week. You get the same information for DVD releases from its menu.


Coming Soon

new movie releases to rent is another complete movie guide with inside scoops and news. So believe in them and check out the Movie Release Dates page. Click on a month or season to see movie release dates, then drill down to see trailers, cast listings, reviews, commentary, and more. You can add comments and socially share the information with friends. The TV show listing and DVD / Blu-Ray release dates are for those who like the idiot box better than the large screen.

new movie rental releases

Here you can find a large assembly of fan pages and fan sites along with the usual dose of movie news, views, and recommendations. In terms of convenience, the Movie Calendar is a must-see. With a single click you can browse through all the movies that will get released in the near future. The filter by genre is really useful as we all have different tastes. Clicking on the titles will take you to a more detailed information page on the movie.



new movie rental releases

The AOL website makes it too easy to stay updated. You have iPhone and Android apps for keeping up with movie news; there’s the Moviefone toolbar for the browser; you can call up on toll-free numbers (US only); and you can also text your zip code to Moviefone to see today’s movies and showtimes. To find out new movie releases and coming soon DVD titles, find time to visit the site. You can filter both by genre and PG ratings.

First Showing

new movie rental releases’s release schedule for the calendar year and the next can be downloaded as a Google Calendar in HTML, XML, and iCal formats. The description of the movie on the calendar also links to more details and the location of the theater on a Google Map. The information is US only.


When It Drops

Top 10 Websites to Find the New Movie Releases This Week Movie Releases09 is a site we have covered briefly before. You can use it to keep yourself abreast of the latest movie and DVD releases with a single glance at its minimalistic interface. Clicking on the large thumbnail gives you two options – either watch the trailer or buy tickets online. The site looks ahead two weeks for upcoming movies.


Top 10 Websites to Find the New Movie Releases This Week Movie Releases06 is one of the popular Twitter-based websites for the shortest movie reviews. It showcases the real-time effectiveness of Twitter for movie updates. You can follow the site for coming soon alerts on Twitter or your feed reader.


new movie releases

My colleague Dave mentioned in his post on tips and tricks to get the most out of your Netflix subscription that Netflix is the best thing since sliced bread. So, if you are in the US and Canada, you might want to keep the New Releases and the New choices to watch instantly feeds in your reader for instant knocks on what’s happening there.

Finding out the schedule of new movie releases would have been really handy during my college years. Those were the times when one had to pick and choose the movies to watch especially during the summer when all the major blockbusters got released. I missed it, but thanks to these web services on movies, the new generation can stretch their money. Me? I get to satisfy my curiosity for upcoming releases and hold my breath.

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      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the link.

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    March 1, 2011 at 3:33 am

    This is a great resource! Thankls for taking the time to publish this!

    • Saikat Basu
      March 1, 2011 at 5:02 am

      You are welcome. You sound like a movie addict, just like me :)

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    February 16, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    This a great one that is not on your list -

    • Saikat Basu
      February 17, 2011 at 3:29 am

      Thanks for the link. I kept the list to ten, but yes, I didn't come across this one while searching out the others.

      • Jacq | cheap calendar printing
        February 19, 2011 at 7:52 am

        IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes has always been one of the most movie sources for me. Thanks for the list, even if it's just up to ten.

  4. Advantechron
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    This a great one that is not on your list -