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Saikat Basu 18-05-2011

<firstimage=”//” />rss medical newsHealth is definitely one of those things we don’t notice till it starts to ebb away. Isn’t it also true that medical news is the last thing you like to read or see in newspapers and television? That is, if you do not have any illness in the family. I pray you don’t, but if you do then the web has always been a secondary source of some great information. The first source should always be your general practitioner and physician.


There is no harm in arming yourself with information when you need to talk to a doctor. A better informed patient (or a patient’s guardian) makes for a wiser decision maker. We are living on the cutting edge of great medical leaps. Medical news and alerts help us to keep pace with these leaps. Let’s look at some top websites for RSS medical news feeds and stay alert with the help of their feeds.


rss medical news is an encyclopedic medical website that looks at health information across the board. The site has five types of health and medical RSS feed channels – Daily Health and Medical News, Weekly Health and Medical News Digest, MedTerms Medical Word of the Day, Specialty topics, and 36 other channels on general topics. The link to the site takes you straight to the RSS page where the channel services are explained in more detail. Simply know that a topic with the RSS icon next to belongs to one of the channels and is available for subscription via your RSS Feed Reader.


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The site is closely allied to MedicineNet and provides medical news, features, reference material, and online community programs. The medical news site is very reader friendly and one of its best features are the communities that are grouped around health conditions. WebMD Health syndicates award-winning Medical News covering health-related events. Health care workers can also freely subscribe to the Medscape podcasts and reference content.


Medline Plus

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Medline Plus is a public information service from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and its parent organization – The National Institute of Health. The site also culls global medical news from Reuters and Health Day (the health news syndication service), and more from the press announcements of major medical organizations. So when you subscribe to the RSS feed, you can expect the information to be reliable and update.


medical news

MedPage is more for practicing physicians and medical specialists, so if you are either, you can benefit greatly from their coverage of breaking news in different medical fields. MedPage Today is a joint effort of The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the web company. News headlines via RSS feeds are grouped by topic and you can subscribe to the one of your interest.



latest medical news

If it’s global breaking news, you can always see that Reuters is on the ground following it. The health section of the news website is always kept fresh with the latest studies, medical news, health issues, and any news on healthcare reforms that might be taking place. A lot of other health sites also collect their information from Reuters. So grab the feed by clicking on the small RSS icon that can be found towards the foot of the page.


latest medical news is a well regarded online medical publication for daily news, views, blogs and medical learning. The site says that the content is aimed at doctors, but it can also be a valuable resource for nurses, pharmacists, medical students, and other healthcare professionals. Grab the latest news on your feed reader by clicking on the RSS feed icon. You can also grab the feeds of the blogs and opinion pieces separately.


BBC Health News

latest medical news

The latest health news is just one of the many things the broadcasting corporation covers. While you are grabbing the RSS feed link, you might as well also catch the video & audio news feeds on health and medicine too.


Top 10 RSS Feeds For Medical News & Alerts medical news10

This well designed medical and health site empowers consumers with up-to-date, easy to digest information. Interactive maps and videos also help you to understand the basics of a medical condition. Catch the Healthline news daily with the help of their RSS feed.


New Scientist

Top 10 RSS Feeds For Medical News & Alerts medical news08

New Scientist is one among the respected scientific magazines in the world. The magazine looks at scientific discoveries and how they impact us and our society. Health gets a section all of its own and you can read about the latest medical discoveries here. You can jump to the different Topic Guides that are made for deeper reading. Even better, with the RSS feed, you won’t have to visit this site daily and can catch up on all the latest medical news.

Yahoo Health

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Google and Yahoo both aggregate RSS medical news feeds from other sources. I have a personal preference for Yahoo because of the page layout. You can browse the most common conditions from the list on the left, look at 3D body maps, watch videos, and catch the top health news stories on the site or via the RSS feed.

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Prevention is better than cure. Do you read up on medical news now and then? Tell us about your favorite RSS medical news feed.

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    Nice post!
    After restarting my RSS subscriptions for, I’ve been on a constant lookout for good RSS readers. There’s an overwhelming amount of them out there, an aftermath of a race to fill the void Google Reader left when it was shut down.