5 Apps and Tools to Organize Your Job Search

Mihir Patkar 30-05-2017

There is a palpable fear among working professionals. Artificial intelligence is getting better every day, and smart technology is making human jobs redundant. What happens when robots can do all jobs? What Happens When Robots Can Do All the Jobs? Robots are getting smarter fast -- what happens when they can do every job better and cheaper than human beings? Read More Even if you are already employed, it’s a good idea to have a backup — organize a job search before it’s too late.


You need a system to collect the job openings and positions you come across. You need a system to know where you have applied. You need a system to track all your interviews, pending follow-ups, and other appointments. The bottom line is, you need a system for the job hunt.

Whether it’s an app, an Excel spreadsheet, or old-school paper and folders, these job search organization tools will make sure you get gainful employment.

1. Huntr (Web): A Kanban Board for Job Searches

The Japanese kanban technique How to Manage Your Tasks Using the Japanese Kanban Technique Here's how to use the Japanese project management technique of Kanban to optimize your workflow in a group or solo. Read More is a productivity favorite. You might have used it in apps like Trello already. Huntr is a kanban board app made specifically for job hunting.

job hunt huntr

Make as many lists as you want. Place them in the logical order of progression, so that each job application moves to the right when you reach its next step. The job listing will have all the details you want, like the title, location, salary, and job post URL.


Huntr lets you add a deadline to any card, to serve as a reminder. Each card can also have its own to-do list and notes, so you know what needs to be done. It’s a simple and easy system, and actually a better Trello alternative Goodbye, Trello! 5 Alternative Free Kanban Board Tools Trello is an incredible app for project management and organizing your tasks. But there are other kanban apps that could be ideal for your tasks. Let's talk about the best Trello alternatives. Read More if you organize your job search in Trello. Try out the live demo so you get an idea what it’s all about.

2. JobHero (Web): Everything You Need in One Place

Each job you apply for is unique. The more you tailor your application to the job, the better your chances are. JobHero lets you create a dashboard of all your jobs, and add other things you might need.

job hunt jobhero

For instance, it’s best to customize your resume, which you can build online 5 Top Resume Builder Sites to Create Your Resume Online Using one of these online resume builders, you can create a professional resume, CV, or bio-data in minutes for your job search. Read More . Some employers ask to see a portfolio of your work. In JobHero, you can save all these important documents in one folder. And all your jobs are individual cards too, with deadlines and status update. It is the ultimate organizer.

JobHero also has a useful bookmarklet Extensions vs. Bookmarklets: The Truth About the State of Your Browser One of the little known factors affecting browser speed is those third-party extensions you install. But uninstalling them doesn't mean getting rid of your favorite app. All you need are bookmarklets. Read More . With one click, you can save any job posting you see online to your JobHero dashboard.

3. The A-to-Z Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel)

Spreadsheets can organize your life 10 Amazingly Useful Spreadsheet Templates to Organize Your Life Is your life a mess of missed deadlines, forgotten shopping, and broken commitments? Sounds like you need to get organized. Read More like no app can. Someone at the University of Wisconsin-Stout created an elaborate Excel file to track every aspect of a job hunt.

job hunt spreadsheet

There are four sheets in the file. It starts with resume submissions, with columns for every possible thing you could think of. Then there’s networking contacts, so that you can get leads to new jobs. The Interviews tab organizes your schedule and reminds you when to send a thank you note. And the Career Websites sheet stores all your usernames and passwords for different job search sites. Although it’s probably best if you use a password manager How Password Managers Keep Your Passwords Safe Passwords that are hard to crack are also hard to remember. Want to be safe? You need a password manager. Here's how they work and how they keep you safe. Read More .

The whole spreadsheet is remarkably through. It has data fields that you might not think of were you to make your own sheet, so it’s better to start with this one and customize it if need be.

4. JobTrack (Web): Analytics for Your Job Hunt

Now this app is a little different. JobTrack is much simpler than most of the other organization tools in this list. But it has one cool bit that the others lack: analytics.

job hunt jobtrack

In JobTrack, you add a new job opening that you found. When you start typing the company’s title, the app will automatically look it up on GlassDoor, one of the best salary comparison tools 5 Salary Comparison Tools for Your Next Job Search Read More in the world. You can also add a link to a job listing and JobTrack will try to scrape data from it. The other details are simple, like the job title, location, date applied, and the status of the application.

Once all the details are in and you have a long list of jobs, check out the analytics board. JobTracker uses your data to create snapshots, like the number of applications per week or a pie chart of the different statuses. It’s a “big picture” look at your job hunt, without doing any work yourself.

5. Job Search Log (Web): Free Printable Sheet

Sometimes, technology is more hassle than it’s worth. If you want to ditch the gadgets and gizmos, check out Career Choice Guide’s free printable sheets to manage your job search information.

job hunt printables

It’s a set of two sheets. The first sheet is a list of all the jobs you’re applying for. This is the sheet that stops you from sending two applications to the same job and looking unprofessional or desperate.

You’ll need several copies of the second sheet, as this is where you gather each job’s details. It has everything from finding a lead about the job to interview notes and follow-ups Supercharge Your Next Job Interview with These 11 Free Tools It takes skill to ace an interview. There are plenty of apps that will assist you with the task of supercharging your job interview skills. Let's look at each step of the interview process. Read More , so you remember everything about that application.

Always Hunt or Only Hunt When Needed?

There are two schools of thoughts, when it comes to job hunters. Some people believe you should always be hunting for opportunities, even if you have a stable job already. Others believe a job hunt is only undertaken when it’s needed. What’s your opinion?

When you land a job interview using whichever tool works for you, be sure to check out these tips for sharpening your soft skills How to Sharpen Your Interview Skills With These Soft Skills Questions A successful soft skills interview can get you a new job. Master the answers to these popular questions and go with confidence. Read More and practice for that meeting with these mock interview websites 8 Mock Interview Websites to Help You Nail Your Job Search Not very good during interviews? Use these mock interview websites to face your job interviewers with confidence. Read More .

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  1. Karim
    March 1, 2019 at 1:06 am

    I like IT is quite easy to use and pretty strait forward.

  2. joan d.v.
    April 26, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    I'm quite surprised there are enough job-search managing services out there to make a list of 'top 5'. Safe to assume there's an online service for everything now, which is neat when you think about it.. In one of my last jobs we were using for task management, I got so used to it that when I went off to find a new job I just used this for my hunt. Worked just perfectly, it's easy to make it fit any process, as proven now again, being a great app for my current job too. I highly recommend it.

  3. Tony C
    May 30, 2017 at 4:49 am

    Avoid Indeed and Monster! It's pretty obvious that they are doing nothing more than harvesting your data. I filled out all of my personal information on their app or site. Then they had me upload my resume. Then they let you do a search. When you click on the job and click apply, you are asked to fill in all of your personal information all over again and upload your resume. It wasn't until about a month of doing this over and over again that I realized that I was being sent to recruiter sites. Once the recruiting sites get a hold of your information, the SPAM starts! And they SPAM hard! They also try to get you to give them more information about yourself and they'll even call you on weekends and even on Sundays! Sometimes clicking apply will have your filling out the same information up to 5 times before they'll give you a little pop up window that they have received your application. But the company that you applied to never acknowledges your application and you never get any sort of reply about the job.

    • Victoria
      June 2, 2017 at 5:39 am

      What did u do? Or What other ways u hunted?