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Like a Boss: 5 Tools Every Team Manager and Leader Needs

Mihir Patkar 16-09-2017

It’s not easy being the boss. Whether you are in charge of a two-person team or you head a large department or office, it’s a stressful job. Get a little help from technology to ensure you are doing things right.


From essential checklists to understanding and executing your duties, these apps and guides have it all. We made sure that the apps in this list have explicit privacy policies that don’t sell your data to anyone.

And in case you’re an underling, pay attention. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to becoming a project manager How to Become a Project Manager If productivity is your passion and initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing sound familiar, you may be a natural project manager. Let us show you how to kick off a career in project management. Read More yourself.

1. Team Colony (Email): Daily Email to Find What Everyone Did Today

If you aren’t using Team Colony, start right now. There is no reason to wait on this one. It’s completely free and ad free and doesn’t require any installations.

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Every day, Team Colony will send an email to all employees at the end of working hours. They need to reply and say what they did today. The whole thing is turned into a daily report and emailed to you, the boss. Simple, right? There’s more.


Along with the daily activities, team members need to add a hashtag of how they are feeling today. This turns into an emoji, which is plotted on the calendar. Eventually, you’ll see a large calendar view of your team’s mood, and you can take action accordingly How to Handle Difficult People as an IT Project Manager A project manager needs to corral different people into a successful project team. There are some soft skills you can call upon to keep the project and team on track. Read More .

2. Manager Checklist (Web): Daily Recurring List of Essential To-Dos

Being the boss comes with its own set of responsibilities. They can get overwhelming, causing you to forget the essential check-ins you should be doing. Teambit’s manager checklist has your back.

boss manager checklist

There is a set of to-do items for daily, weekly, regular, and once-in-a-while tasks. It is a web page and you don’t need to install anything. Check the box when you’re done with an item, and move on.

Set it as the homepage in your browser How To Set Your Browser Homepage in 5 Browsers Read More , so that Manager Checklist pops up every day to remind you of what needs to be done. As Atul Gawande says in his book The Checklist Manifesto, it is far more productive to use a checklist than a to-do list.

3. 3sixty (Web): What Does Your Team Think About You?

Employees tend not to be fully honest with their bosses. It’s natural, of course, since there is either fear of reprisal or an attempt to earn brownie points. How can you find out what your team really thinks about you?

anonymous honest feedback 3sixty

3sixty is an excellent tool to get honest, anonymous feedback Sarahah and Other Yik Yak Alternatives for Honest Anonymous Feedback Anonymity is necessary for honest feedback. Now that anonymous app Yik Yak has shut down, use these five alternatives to ask for feedback from friends, teams, and the social web. Read More from your team. Add your objective your profile, so there is continuous feedback from employees on whether you are meeting your goals.

The app is free for up to four people, letting anyone create questions and get answers anonymously. Bosses can encourage others to pose questions too so that there’s two-way communication without any blowback.

4. Weekdone (Web): An Excellent All-Round Tool

Weekdone is a single app to integrate many of the aforementioned tools. It’s free for up to three users, but you’ll need to pay if you are managing a larger team than that.

boss manager weekdone

The project management tool lets you create a set of different plans, setting and assigning tasks to different team members. Weekdone also uses the simple hashtag to group items, thus using hashtags more effectively 3 Secret Ways To Use Hashtags You've Never Tried Before The basic purpose of a hashtag, of course, is to find a list of all posts about a certain topic, but why not take it out of the Web services that already integrate it, and... Read More . As an individual team member, you can manage and add your own tasks, which can be kept hidden from others or shared publicly.

The app offers a built-in employee feedback system as well. If you have any ideas that you want an opinion on, put it out there and see what your team says. And yes, they can be anonymous in their feedback.

5. The Epic Guide to Employee Management (Free Ebook)

A lot of what goes into being a good team leader isn’t about the apps you use, but the brain you use. You need to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. The easiest way to find out is to read free books The 10 Best Free Ebook Download Sites Want free ebook downloads? Here are several of the best sites for downloading free ebooks. Read More .

Wagepoint’s Epic Guide would be our recommended read. It is neatly formatted for reading online or as a PDF. The index will help you jump to whatever you need to tackle.

boss manager epic guide employee management ebook

The guide includes communication basics, performance management, employee growth, and engagement. It makes it a point to also concentrate on your own career as a boss. Finally, Wagepoint also includes a few checklists of its own, which you might want to implement in daily life.

Download: The Epic Guide to Employee Management (Free)

What’s the Best Book or Video for Bosses?

While Wagepoint’s free ebook is great, the leadership field is full of other excellent resources. This includes best-selling books, documentaries, leadership seminars, and much more.

Which book, video, or other resource helped you be a better boss? What’s the mantra that you lead your team by?

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