Use This Tool to Make 2D Pixel Sprites Online for Free
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Video game sprites are a special kind of art. Once the only way to represent game characters in retro titles due to hardware limitations, pixel graphics have made a huge comeback thanks to the indie gaming scene.

If you want a great tool for creating pixel art, Piskel is the site for you. It features an easy-to-use editor that’s perfect for getting every last pixel right. You’ll find handy utilities like a mirror pen that draws lines on both sides of the canvas, a lighten/darken tool, and a dithering tool. You can select from four different pen sizes, and even create a palette of specific colors.

What’s even better than creating a static image is an animated one, and Piskel allows for that too. Add a new frame, and you can draw your character in a different position, perhaps running or taking damage. After you’re happy with your frames, you can choose how quickly the animation plays out. A live preview lets you see how everything looks in real-time.

With layers for each image, a canvas resizer, and the ability to export your work as an image or animated GIF, Piskel is a full-featured editor that you can use totally free. If you sign up for a free account, you can save your work to finish later. You can also choose whether your account is public or private so other can’t spy on your creations. Further, you can take the editing offline using the desktop version of Piskel.

Want to go further with your pixel creations? Check out how to make better pixel art in Photoshop.

Have you ever tried your hand at pixel art? If you’ve created something using Piskel, please share it down in the comments!

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