Toobbox: Create & Manage Youtube Video Playlists

Sharninder 23-01-2010

YouTube is a great place to look for music videos and I can’t even remember how many lazy Sunday afternoons I’ve spent on YouTube just listening to and watching music videos by some of my favorite artists.


The only problem with YouTube is that their playlisting and music queuing features leave a lot to be desired and while I’m willing to spend some time searching for the perfect quality video on YouTube, I don’t want to spend time managing my playlist also.

This is the issue that ToobBox hopes to get rid of.

ToobBox is a nice online tool for creating and managing youtube video playlists  for playback.

youtube video playlist

You can also preview a video right from the search results by clicking on one of the two preview buttons without adding it to the queue first.



  • Easy one stop solution for all your YouTube video viewing needs.
  • Integrated playlist management.
  • No need to register to create a playlist.
  • If you register, you also get the ability to share playlists with friends and store them online.
  • Easy to preview videos before adding them to the queue.

Check out Toobbox @

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  1. Vengfull
    November 16, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    Unfortunatly the domain has expired :(