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Tired Of Boring Selfies? 10 Instagram Gems You Don’t Want To Miss

Joshua Lockhart 20-09-2013

Instagram: it’s the modern Polaroid.


This little app has given us the same experience as older instant cameras before it, but it goes one step further — it allows us to immediately share our photos and videos with everyone we know regardless of where they are located. However, it’s not just family and friends who are using Instagram.

Instagram has more than 100 million active users. How do you find the really awesome users to follow? The ones that upload photos that are actually worth your time? From technology and art to fashion and global travel, we’ve found a few unique accounts that offer slices of their part of the world using Instagram. They’re worth your follow.

1. generalelectric


If you’re into admiring cool pictures of awesome technological machinery and scientific displays (without even really knowing what they are), then you should definitely be following General Electric’s Instagram account. Surprisingly, the Edison-founded company has one of the most active and intuitive Instagram accounts out there on the web — crazy, right?

The company’s pictures don’t just leave you in the dark. Provided are explanations of everything that is posted, and for those of you who are all about learning, this is a really cool opportunity. By pairing science with aesthetics, General Electric offers an Instagram account that nearly anyone could enjoy.


2. drewkelly


Ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes view of North Korea? Yeah, we all have wanted to peer behind the country’s propaganda at least once. Fortunately, Drew Kelly, an English teacher living in North Korea is already doing that.

This teacher-turned-photographer posts images of the oppressed country, effectively providing a different kind of educational experience. While many may see this as a means to point and gawk, Kelly’s photos offer a rather unbiased look at North Korea. Here you will find as much beauty as there is pain.

3. biggie_griffon



Don’t hate MUO for this, but you had to see it: the one, the only, the Biggie Smalls. (The dog. Not the rapper.)

This Notorious D.O.G. — for whatever reason — is both adorable and hilarious at the same time. You can follow the Brabançon Hood’s adventures through his owner’s creative images that are sure to bring about some laughter.

4. samhorine


Here at MakeUseOf, we know that quite a few of you are into iPhone photography 6 Useful iOS Apps for Photographers Let's face it: people can get some pretty great shots with their iPhones, and these same people don't even have a technical knowledge of how a camera works. Of course, this isn't to bash the... Read More (or just general smartphone photography), so that’s why we had to include Sam Horine’s Instagram account.


Sam is a photographer. Sam is also an iPhone owner. Sam pairs his photography skills with only his iPhone to create some pretty amazing images.

You can follow Sam’s Instagram account for enticing photography and inspiration. The NYC-based photographer travels nearly all over, and wherever he goes, his iPhone is always close by. However, as expected, most of his shots are focused on the Big Apple.

5. natgeo


National Geographic is already cool enough, but National Geographic on Instagram? Yeah — even cooler.


The official Instagram account for National Geographic offers a ton of windows to the world that provide you with a look at experiences you likely will not be able to encounter in real life. From jungle tribes to wild animals, NatGeo’s Instagram account can provide you with as many images as the world can offer.

6. daveyoder


Had enough National Geographic? Didn’t think so. Thankfully, NatGeo photographer The Crap Photographers Have To Deal With I feel sorry for photographers. People never seem to truly appreciate them for the work they do. Read More  Dave Yoder is an active user of the site, and his smartphone is always with him.

Best of all, while many of Yoder’s photos are typically associated with National Geographic activities, a lot of them aren’t. Not only will you get the chance to explore the world from your phone — you’ll be able to explore the character of Dave Yoder himself and take part in his adventures.

7. nasagoddard


Space has some really cool stuff to look at, and when paired with Instagram, it can get even cooler (#nofilter). NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has an incredible Instagram account that posts images you wouldn’t find anywhere else: breath-taking galaxies, amazing shots of Earth, photos of in-house operations.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. No one is floating around in space with their smartphone in tote. Instead, the flight center posts images taken with other devices, so you won’t get that special iPhone photography feeling whenever you look at these things. However, it’s still pretty cool that NASA has made these images so readily available on this kind of platform.

Also, for those of you wondering, NASA itself (not just Goddard) recently started its own official Instagram account. You won’t find too many pictures on there right now, but we’re sure that more are to come.

8. love_food


Hungry? If not, you will be soon. The @love_food Instagram account is run by Marc Lalonde, a relatively background-less netizen who is all about posting, well, pictures of food. The images found here aren’t just pictures of any old microwaveable dinner, though. They will leave you salivating and begging for more.

Marc gets his pictures from other users that send them to him via Kik Messenger (@love_food) and email ( Made something tasty lately? Send a picture of it to Marc — maybe it will get featured to his 700,000+ followers.

9. refinery29


If you’re into trendy fashion and use sites like Pinterest or Wanelo Find Rare And Unique Clothing With Wanelo I recently discovered a site called Wanelo (pronounced "wah-nee-lo," for want, need, and love) that brings together a ton of rare and unique clothing options in one place. I'd liken this site to being a... Read More , then Refinery29 has the perfect Instagram account for you to follow. Coming from the publication that is all about style and creativity, Refinery29’s account is constantly posting the most fashionable stuff.

While the site itself is always in vogue (and sometimes a little risqué), its Instagram account is a much more digestible version of the site. By removing the blog posts, you can get a condensed version of what Refinery29 has to offer with a much more visual experience.

10. instagram


Yes, Instagram has its own Instagram account, and it’s actually pretty cool. Best of all, you won’t find simple promotional material here. Instead, the official Instagram Instagram account offers a nice sampling of everything that Instagram has to offer. (Boy, that was redundant.)

Here, you can see images posted by all kinds of users far and wide. From artisans to world travelers to foodies, Instagram’s feed is full of monthly albums posting the best of the best pictures out there.

Your Turn

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We think all these accounts are pretty amazing, but you may beg to differ.

Will you follow these Instagram accounts? Are there better Instagram accounts out there? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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