TinyMap: Quickly Mark Locations on Map & Share
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Many people use maps to display directions to their office on their website. Tinymaps can help you wonderfully in creating those maps.

Tinymap is a free web service that lets you mark locations on map with a number of impressive tools and share online as you like. You can choose to view maps in 4 different views including Map, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. You can navigate to locations either by sliding the map or by entering in the precise location or city. If you want to highlight an area and not a specific place, you can use waypoints to mark out territory.

mark locations on map

Furthermore you can add icons to indicate points of interest on the map. For example you can use a “heart” icon to indicate a romantic destination or a “cards” icon to indicate casinos. With each added icon you can record additional notes and details about the place.

mark map locations

With the map finally created, you can save it and optionally assign a viewing password. A unique URL will be generated that redirects to your created map. You can view the map on Tinymap, get a KML file for it (for Google Earth), or embed it in your own site.


Check out Tinymap @ www.tinymap.net

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