Need a Timesheet Template to Track Your Hours? Here Are 12!

Sandy Writtenhouse 11-12-2019

Do you need a timesheet template for Excel or Word?


If the type of work you do requires a timesheet, like a contractor, temporary, or part-time employee, make sure that you have the exact one you need. Some let you track hours daily or weekly, while others include breaks and overtime.

The following templates are easy to use and cover most work-hour tracking situations.

Weekly Timesheets

1. Weekly Timesheet (Excel)

This timesheet from Microsoft Office works perfectly for weekly tracking in Excel. Just pop in your name, email, and phone number along with your manager’s name. Enter the date, start and end times, and lunch breaks.

timesheet template track hours weekly excel

The hours you work each day total at the end of the row. You can sort the columns if needed and the timesheet will show overtime hours based on a 40-hour work week.


2. Weekly Timesheet (Word)

If you prefer to use Microsoft Word for your timesheet, this weekly template from Office works well. You can include company information at the top along with your name, title, status, employee number, and other details.

timesheet template track hours weekly word

Enter your start and end times, regular and overtime hours, then total them up at the end of the row. If you work part-time How to Boost Your Work Day While Working Less Hours Working too many hours can negatively affect productivity. Follow these tips to cut back hours and shorten your workday without harming your professional life. Read More , this template is ideal because it does not include lunch breaks for full-time workers. There is also a handy spot at the bottom for signatures.

3. Weekly Timesheet With Unpaid Leave (Excel)

This Excel template from Vertex42 is a solid option if you need a weekly timesheet that includes unpaid leave. It has fields for regular and overtime hours, sick, vacation, and holiday hours, and the unpaid leave at the end. There is also a field for Other if necessary.


timesheet template track hours weekly excel unpaid leave

You can add your rate per hour for each category to show your total hours worked, paid time off, and unpaid time off. The workbook also includes tabs for biweekly work weeks and those where both hours and minutes are needed.

Biweekly Timesheets

4. Biweekly Calculated Timesheet (Excel)

If you are paid biweekly and track your hours that way, Vertex42 has a terrific template with automatic calculations. The Excel workbook has four tabs including two for regular biweekly tracking in either hours or hours and minutes and two for California biweekly tracking in either hours or hours and minutes.

timesheet template track hours biweekly excel


Just pick your sheet, enter your personal information, and pop in your hourly rates. The sheet will update automatically with the data you enter, making it super easy to track both biweekly hours and total pay.

5. Biweekly Basic Timesheet (Excel)

When you want to stick with basic time tracking The 6 Best Time Tracking Software and Apps It's vital to track your time if you want to get the most out of your day. Here are the best time tracking apps you should try. Read More on a biweekly basis, the template from works.

Enter your log in and log out times and the automatic calculations pop in the rest. Be sure to add your hourly rate at the top so you can track your pay per day, week, and in total.

timesheet template track hours biweekly basic excel


The bottom of the template shows you the formats needed to perform the automatic calculations. So, take a peek at that before you begin. And you can choose from two tabs, one for seven-day work weeks and one for Monday through Friday work weeks. On, this template is called Excel Bi-weekly Timesheet in the template library.

6. Biweekly Overtime Timesheet (Excel)

If overtime hours are a regular occurrence for your work week, then this biweekly timesheet from Microsoft Office might be just what you need. You simply enter your regular hours per day and then add overtime hours as well as sick or vacation hours.

timesheet template track hours biweekly overtime excel

The sheet calculates your totals automatically, the columns are sortable, and you can include signatures with dates at the bottom. All of the basic detail fields are available at the top and the sheet has an attractive appearance.

Monthly Timesheets

7. Monthly Basic Timesheet (Excel)

For keeping track of your hours per month, without daily breaks, this Excel template from is a nice option. What is good about this one is that it automatically calculates the totals for you in both the weekly and summary areas.

timesheet template track hours monthly basic excel

The workbook holds two different templates to suit your needs. One tab has slots for seven-day work weeks while the other has slots for Monday through Friday work weeks. When you visit the template library on, the title for this one is Excel Monthly Timesheet.

8. Monthly Project Timesheet (Excel)

If what you really need is a monthly timesheet with simple hour tracking per day, for a project 10 Powerful Excel Project Management Templates for Tracking Free project management templates are the best. Get these key Microsoft Excel spreadsheet templates for tracking any project. Read More as an example, take a look at this one from Vertex42.

You enter the normal details at the top such as name, department, and company information. Then, add in the project names, optional codes, and total number of hours per day.

timesheet template track hours monthly project excel

You can use the sections at the bottom for holiday, vacation, sick leave, or personal leave if needed. And there are spots for signatures at the end of the timesheet. If you want to track daily hours for the month per project, this is a good way to go.

Timesheets With Breaks

9. Weekly or Biweekly Timesheet With Breaks (Excel)

Maybe you need a weekly or biweekly timesheet with breaks in the day. For instance, if you work a split shift you may enter hours worked in the morning and again in the evening. This template from Vertex42 is the one you want for that situation and has tabs for both weekly and biweekly work schedules.

timesheet template track hours weekly biweekly with breaks excel

Using the same format for the time shown in the template, enter your times in and out. The spreadsheet will automatically update regular hours at the end of the row and calculate your total pay based on your rate and hours. You can also enter hours for holidays, vacations, and sick time.

10. Weekly Timesheet With Lunch Breaks (Excel)

For those who need a weekly timesheet with lunch breaks in minutes, this one from is an excellent option for Excel. You just enter your log in and log out times and the total number of hours and minutes for your lunch break.

timesheet template track hours weekly with lunch breaks excel

You will see your total daily hours at the end of the row, total monthly hours at the bottom, and your total pay once you enter your dollar amount into the rate section. For a clean and basic template, this gets it done. Its title is Weekly Lunch EASY with Minutes of Lunch in the template library.

Timesheets Using Military Time

11. Timesheet Using Military Time – No Breaks (Excel)

Many companies use military time and this one from fits the bill. Titled Excel Weekly – Military Time, just enter the hours and minutes when you log in and log out.

timesheet template track hours military time no breaks excel

As with the other templates from, you can put your hourly rate at the top for automatic calculations. This is convenient for a fast view of your pay per day and week.

12. Timesheet Using Military Time – Lunch Breaks (Excel)

If you need a weekly military timesheet that includes lunch breaks, use this option, also from Aside from the inclusion of the lunch break, this template differs from the other military time-based one in that you enter hours and minutes as decimals.

timesheet template track hours military time with lunch breaks excel

If both breaks and decimals are what you need and you like the convenience of automatic calculations, you get it all with this great template. Its title is Weekly Lunch with Military Time entered in Decimals in the site’s library.

What Did We Miss?

Even though we have listed a dozen different timesheet templates here, there are even more out there that get quite specific. Some sites offer templates for multiple employees, people who work night shifts, and even those solely for project work. And if you need a simple time tracker instead of a timesheet, check out these digital time tracking tools for Android as well as time tracking apps for iPhone.

You’ll also benefit from these colorful time trackers that help visualize time 5 Colorful Time Trackers That Help You Visualize Time Differently Everyone can benefit from time tracking. These five unique time tracking apps help you value time in different ways. Read More in unusual and productive ways.

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    A time sheet for independent contractors where you can log your hours and add comments on the work done for those hours.

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