These Time Blocking Free Printable Planners Will Help You Avoid Overwhelm
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How do you plan your workday? Do you perform important tasks first or just play it by ear? Do you carefully plan each day or just do things between meetings scheduled by others?

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If you are struggling with time and task management, the act of time blocking might be the solution. And there is no better way to stick to a schedule you set than printing it and popping it on the wall in front of you.

These free printable planners are ideal 11 Free Printable Planners That Every Office Worker Needs 11 Free Printable Planners That Every Office Worker Needs Are you in love with paper? Or are you struggling with productivity apps? Paper planners do work! Here are 11 printable planners you can customize to your needs and place them wherever you'll see them. Read More for time blocking which helps you to take care of your tasks efficiently and effectively.

The 80/20 Rule and Time Blocking

You may have heard of the 80/20 rule in relation to time management. But if not, it is also known as the Pareto principle and uses the theory that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your effort.

Looking at it differently, if the largest amount of your output (80 percent) comes from the smallest amount of your time (20 percent), then this means you must plan effectively. To do this, you have to prioritize your tasks. There are four things you can do when managing those tasks with the 80/20 rule Use the 80/20 Time Management Rule to Prioritize Your Tasks Use the 80/20 Time Management Rule to Prioritize Your Tasks How do you maximize your time? If you already prioritize, delegate, and still struggle to get everything done, you should try the 80/20 rule, also known as Pareto Principle. Read More :

  1. Evaluate your tasks regularly.
  2. Keep reassessing your goals.
  3. Identify your most productive time.
  4. Determine and eliminate distractions.

This is where time blocking comes in which is a simple way to manage your tasks and your time. In a nutshell, you set aside blocks of time in your day to work on very specific tasks and nothing else.

For instance, you may block your calendar from 8 AM to 8:30 AM, Monday through Friday, to update the timeline for your highest priority project. If you use a digital planner like Google Calendar How to Block Time on Google Calendar for a Productive Workday How to Block Time on Google Calendar for a Productive Workday Do you struggle with time management? We show you how to block time on your Google Calendar to increase focus, reduce stress, and enhance productivity. Read More , just create the event, head to the event details page, and make it repeat on weekdays.

time blocking free printable planners

By blocking time for your most important tasks, you can determine the best time to do them and reduce distractions How to Do More in a Day by Blocking Mobile Distractions How to Do More in a Day by Blocking Mobile Distractions When you're trying to concentrate, distractions are a nightmare. It's time to block distractions and get things done with some free apps for Android and iOS. Read More during this predetermined timeframe.

But as we explained before, time blocking isn’t just for crucial tasks Time Blocking -- The Secret Weapon For Better Focus Time Blocking -- The Secret Weapon For Better Focus Are you looking for a more efficient way to organise your work-days? Try Time Blocking. This time management tactic can help keep you on track while keeping distractions, procrastination, and unproductive multitasking at bay. Read More . Blocking time for reactive work, for when you’re least productive, or even for playtime can be just as important.

For example, maybe by 4pm each day your body and mind are wearing down. You could block your calendar from 4pm to 4:30pm daily to catch up on low-priority emails. Again, you can create a recurring event like this on your digital calendar.

time blocking free printable planners

What happens if you don’t use or prefer not to use a digital calendar? That’s why you’re here! We have free printable daily and weekly planner templates that you can use in the same way to block your time.

Daily Planner Templates

Often times planning tasks day by day is enough to handle when you first start to use time blocking. Or, maybe you would simply rather use a daily planner. Here are some great productivity printables 10 Free Printable Productivity Planner Templates 10 Free Printable Productivity Planner Templates Finding the perfect printable productivity planner is a time-consuming job. Let us help you get back to your work with this handy list of free planners you can download and use. Read More to get any work done.

15-Minute Daily Planner

Getting right down to the details, this first template breaks your day into 15-minute increments. If you are busy from the second you arrive in the office until the second you leave, this might be ideal for you.

Print the planner, jot down the date and your time blocks, and then consider color-coding them with a highlighter for easy viewing.

time blocking free printable planners

30-Minute Daily Planner

If 15 minutes is too detailed, you can use this colorful 30-minute planner. After you print it, pop in the day or the date and the top and then continue with your time blocks. Even though this template is in color, if you just have a black and white printer it still works great.

time blocking free printable planners

12-Hour Daily Planner

This next template is useful for those who need a planner that starts and ends at midnight. It is also great for those who prefer a landscape view and time blocks broken down into 15-minute increments.

time blocking free printable planners

Daily Planner With Extra Sections

For a daily planner that takes you from 8am to 7pm and has extra sections, this next template is terrific. The time blocks are in 30-minute increments and the additional sections are super handy. You can pop in your tasks, calls, emails to follow-up on, high-priority items, and notes, all on one page. Plus, just circle the current month and day at the top.

time blocking free printable planners

Weekly Planner Templates

Maybe you like the idea of blocking time each day for an entire week, like in our digital calendar examples above. Here are four nice printables for planning your week.

30-Minute 7-Day Weekly Planner

From 8am to 9pm, seven days per week, you can easily create time blocks with this 30-minute weekly planner. This option is ideal if you work late nights, on weekends, or want to be sure you block out that time for relaxation.

time blocking free printable planners

30-Minute 5-Day Weekly Planner

If you like the 30-minute incremental planner for your week, but would rather stick to Monday through Friday and don’t mind the military time, here is your template. This one has a very basic look but gets the job done.

time blocking free printable planners

1-Hour Weekly Planner With Extra Sections

This template gives you one-hour blocks for each day, Monday through Friday. But it also includes a weekend spot, a place for a prioritized task list, a people to call section, and a notes area.

Remember, once you print this and add your items, you can highlight them to see those time blocks at a glance.

time blocking free printable planners

1-Hour Weekly Planner With Color

Another template with one-hour blocks, five days per week, and extra sections is this colorful option. You have places for tasks and notes for each day at the bottom. So, if you would like a printable with a cute theme and colors, this template is perfect.

time blocking free printable planners

Do You Use Time Blocks for Managing Your Days?

Time blocks can be extremely helpful for task prioritization How to Prioritize Tasks With the Eisenhower Matrix Productivity System How to Prioritize Tasks With the Eisenhower Matrix Productivity System Do traditional to-do lists not work for you? Do you feel overwhelmed or do you have trouble keeping your list under control? Try the Eisenhower Matrix. This productivity method can simplify complexity. Read More . Having that designated timeframe to work on important tasks each day, can help you accomplish what’s needed when it’s needed.

Do you use time blocks? If so, do you use them only for crucial items or are you sure to include free time as well? Let us know your thoughts as well as your suggestions below!

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