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How to Use TickTick for Productivity: Notes, Read-Later, and Tasks

Shubham Agarwal 22-08-2019

I signed up for TickTick years ago to keep tabs on my to-do lists. Since then, TickTick has evolved into a one-stop productivity platform for me.


As TickTick is not limited to tasks anymore, you can employ it for taking notes, tracking habits, managing projects, and much more. If you’d like to get started yourself, here’s a guide to using TickTick for everything.

1. Maintain a Watchlist and Save Articles for Later

Maintain a Watchlist on TickTick

TickTick users don’t need to maintain a separate read-it-later app. Thanks to its many organization features, you can easily save the articles, books, movies, or any content to TickTick that you’re planning to consume later.

For instance, to begin with, you can create new lists called Watchlist and Read Later. Whenever you come across an article or TV show recommendation you’d like to revisit later, you can simply dump it in those lists.

Further, to avoid cluttering your TickTick dashboard, you should club these lists into a folder. To form a folder on TickTick, you will have to drag a list and drop it on another.


Alternatively, if you don’t want dedicated lists for each type of content, you can also make use of TickTick’s tags facility. TickTick has a Tags tab that allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for. So say you want to read a new book, you can fire up the app and go to Tags > Books.

2. Track Your Habits

TickTick also has an elaborate habit tracker built into its mobile apps. You can choose from a wide range of presets such as Eat Fruits, Drink Water, Read, or create a new habit.

TickTick lets you precisely customize the habit’s attributes. You can manually pick the days, set a motivational quote, how often and when the app should remind you, and your goal.


Also, TickTick has a statistics page for your habits. It tells you insights like your completion rate and daily goal updates. TickTick can even sync your habits with your calendar and the Today list.

To add a new habit, open the TickTick app and tap the fourth tab’s little Clock icon on the home screen.

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3. Manage Your Time With the Pomodoro Timer


TickTick’s apps offer a Pomodoro timer for people who often face trouble focusing on the task at hand. For the uninitiated, Pomodoro is an approach to time management where you break down work in short sessions separated by mini and long breaks.

To set up a Pomo timer on your computer, click a task and under the three-dot menu present on the prompt’s bottom right corner, hit Start Pomo Timer.

In the Settings, you can specify your goals for the Pomo timer, the length of your work periods and breaks, and the frequency of breaks. If you have a premium TickTick account, you can also listen to white noises during an active Pomo timer.

The Pomo timer is available as a dedicated tab on the bottom on TickTick’s mobile clients. If you can’t find it, head over to Settings > Tab Bar and enable the Pomo option.


On TickTick’s desktop apps, click a task > click on the three-dot menu > Start Pomo Timer.

4. Take and Store Notes

Take Notes on TickTick

TickTick has several features to replace your existing notes app as well.

Instead of treating each entry as a to-do, you can use them as the title for a note. Every task on TickTick has a notes field where you can jot down your thoughts. You can categorize notes from different projects into their own, separate lists. This set of lists itself can go into a new folder called Notes.

Since TickTick, at the time of writing, doesn’t have any formatting tools, you can use the comments section to append additional information and keep the notes section easy to read.

Attach Documents to Tasks

On top of that, TickTick lets you attach documents or images to tasks which come in handy when you have to, for instance, save a receipt or audio recording. TickTick has a search functionality which can comb through all your notes. You can filter the results based on any time periods, tags, and more.

Print Notes

TickTick also has an option to save or share your notes as images. You could use that for printing checklists or easily forwarding them to people who are not on TickTick.

To do that, you will have to again turn to the horizontal three-dot menu of an individual task or a list and tap Share. Swipe over to the Image tab and you should be able to share the image or save it locally on your phone.

5. Manage Projects

Enable Kanban board on TickTick

What’s more, it’s possible to manage solo or team projects on TickTick.

To get started, create lists of tasks for each aspect of your project. Move these lists into a folder and share them with your team members.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, assign tasks to the collaborators by clicking the little people icon at the top of a task. In the notes section, you can further break down a job into sub-tasks. Tap the three-lines icon to switch to the checklist mode.

On top of that, you can update a task’s progress. Click the black space behind a task’s Due Date section to do so.

Prioritize Tasks

Use TickTick to define your task priorities. The priority options are under the three exclamation points beside a task.

For premium accounts, there’s a functionality titled Task Activities that enables you to keep tabs on a task’s history and restore any old versions if needed.

Switch to the Kanban Board View

That’s not all. You can turn the dashboard of TickTick’s desktop apps into a Trello-like Kanban board. This interface lets you effortlessly move tasks around between numerous lists and get a better overview of your project.

The Kanban option is accessible from the three-dots menu on the desktop app’s home page.

6. Reminders

Reminders are part of any good task management app. The TickTick apps can remind you before or on the due date. If necessary, set up recurring reminders which will go off periodically depending on your custom setting.

Task reminders on TickTick can be triggered with the help of geolocation. To add location-based reminders, tap a to-do and go to the three-dot menu > Location. Now, navigate to the location where the reminder should go live.

Next, at the bottom of the screen, select whether TickTick should push the reminder when you arrive at the coordinates or when you leave the place. Tap the Purple send button to save the reminder.

7. Plan a Trip Using TickTick

Plan a trip on TickTick

TickTick’s versatile skillset can help you plan a trip. Begin by crafting specific lists around your trips such as sights you’d like to see, the items you want to pack, restaurants you’d like to try, and the works.

These entries can be accompanied by their respective locations. To skip the reminder and just add a location to a task, select the third trigger titled “No need to remind me“. If you’re in a group, you can share the lists with your fellow travelers.

In this scenario, add links for other travel tips you might have come across online and sort your travel arrangements like tickets, reservations, etc. with the notes and attachments features.

Supercharge Your TickTick Experience With More Tips

TickTick is a many-sided task management tool that can also serve as a note’s app or a trip planner when needed. There are loads of features that let you customize the experience however you want.

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  1. Dave
    June 9, 2020 at 11:02 pm

    I love tick tick and have all my staff using it too however can someone advise me how I can get it to alert or highlight when someone has added a new task ?
    My staff may have over 100 tasks and can’t see how to see when someone has edited a particular task ... thanks

  2. Miriam Robbins
    August 23, 2019 at 5:59 am

    Looks like these are all for the Premium version. I happened to sign up for TickTick this morning before reading your article, and can't find the features you've mentioned.

    • Shubham Agarwal
      August 23, 2019 at 6:02 am

      Which features did you look for?