ThrillCall: Find Out About Local Concerts of Your Favorite Artists
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Have you ever missed a local concert of your favorite artist just because you found out too late about it? If yes, then you can surely appreciate a web service that keeps you updated on local concerts of your favorite artists; this is exactly what ThrillCall offers.

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ThrillCall is a free to use web service that keeps you updated on where your favorite artists are performing. You can also find out about local concerts that your favorite artists will be performing at.

The process is quite simple – you sign into ThrillCall using your Facebook account and then you optionally connect your LastFM account. Next you mark your favorite singers and bands. Based on this information and the location you set, you are displayed tour and concert dates of your favorite artists. When you find a show that you are interested, you can buy the concert’s tickets right on ThrillCall’s site.


ThrillCall also has a smartphone app for iOS devices; an Android app is in the works.


Check out ThrillCall @ [No Longer Available]

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