This App Can Add Undo/Redo to Your Android Keyboard
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Undo and Redo are two of the most ubiquitous keyboard shortcuts for computer users. And even if you don’t know the actual keyboard shortcuts, you probably know that both Undo and Redo exist. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.

Now imagine if your Android keyboard had Undo and Redo while typing. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, it’s possible.


All you have to do is install an app called Inputting Plus.

Once installed, the app runs in the background, silently tracking all of the text that you type, edit, and delete. It also adds a floating “bubble” to your keyboard that you can tap to access actions like Undo, Redo, and more.

Works with most but not all Android keyboards.

You can also pay a dollar to unlock some unnecessary-but-still-cool features. Read more about it in our full overview of Inputting Plus for Android.

How important are Undo and Redo to you? Is it worth installing another app on your device? Or can you live without it? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Android Typing via Shutterstock

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