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9 Great Third-Party Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Smart Speakers

Bryan Wolfe 11-01-2018

The smart speaker concept has come a long way since 2014 when the first Amazon Echo arrived. Today, the online retailer offers no less than six Amazon Alexa-based speakers, including a second-generation Echo, premium Echo Plus, and fashionable Echo Show.


Thanks to Amazon’s success, Google now also offers smart speakers powered by Google Assistant. These speakers include the 2016 Google Home, 2017 Google Home Mini, and 2017 Google Home Max.

But these aren’t the only Amazon Alexa- and Google Assistant-based speakers on the market. Thanks to public SDKs, other hardware companies are also getting in on the game. As such, you can now buy third-party smart speakers featuring your favorite smart assistants, including models from Harman/Kardon, Lenovo, Sonos, and more.

Third-Party Speakers Compatible With Amazon Alexa

At the time of this writing, there are more third-party Amazon Alexa-based speakers on the market than those featuring Google Assistant. Given Amazon’s head start, this makes sense. It also helps that the world’s largest online retailer also promotes third-party speakers on its website. Here are a few of those products now on the market.

1. Invoxia Triby [No Longer Available]

Triby - Smart Portable Speaker with Homekit and Alexa Triby - Smart Portable Speaker with Homekit and Alexa Buy Now On Amazon

Created by France-based Invoxia, Triby is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected communication device intended for use in a kitchen. First announced in late 2015, the Triby Smart Speaker was the first third-party speaker to feature Amazon Alexa with far-field voice capabilities.


Besides Amazon Alexa, the second-generation Triby also features Apple HomeKit-compatibility, Spotify Connect support, and internet radio stations.

Why should you buy it?

Triby is unlike any other smart speaker on the market. Yes, you can play music on it and ask Alexa about the latest sports scores and weather. However, it’s also a hands-free calling device, allowing family members to always be in contact. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for families.

Pros: Unique, highly functional.
Cons: Pricey, casual users may not need all of its features.


2. Ultimate Ears Megablast and Blast

Ultimate Ears BLAST Portable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker Ultimate Ears BLAST Portable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker Buy Now On Amazon $89.99

In 2017, Ultimate Ears introduced its first Amazon Alexa-powered speakers: the Megablast and Blast. Each speaker features big, bassy 360-degree sound. Rugged and waterproof, these speakers are ideally suited for summer nights by the pool and afternoons on the winter slopes.

Why should you buy it?

Ultimate Ears is known for its hip, durable products and these two speakers don’t disappoint. Each is ideally suited for those looking for a mobile, rather than corded, solution.


Pros: Multiple color choices, great sound, waterproof.
Cons: Expensive, charging dock required for stationary use.

3. JAM Symphony WiFi Home Audio Speaker

JAM Symphony WiFi Home Audio Speaker JAM Symphony WiFi Home Audio Speaker Buy Now On Amazon $59.99

Designed for multi-room sound, the JAM Symphony Speaker works with Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Tidal, and more. A built-in intercom system allows you to broadcast your voice in other rooms.

Why should you buy it?


Buying multiple smart speakers that interact with one another can be an expensive proposition. JAM is one of the more moderately priced solutions available. You can add up to eight speakers to your setup, including the smaller JAM Rhythm.

Pros: Good price, one-touch controls.
Cons: One color option only, not the flashiest product.

4. Sonos One

Sonos One (Gen 1) - Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in (Black) Sonos One (Gen 1) - Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in (Black) Buy Now On Amazon $179.99

Perhaps the most publicized product on this list, the Sonos One features two Class-D amplifiers, a subwoofer, a tweeter, and six far-field microphones. It communicates using a companion app and music streaming service through Wi-Fi.

Why should you buy it?

At launch, the Sonos One is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. Sometime in 2018, it will also gain Google Assistant support as well.

Pros: Sonos has an excellent reputation, product line will eventually become an all-in-one smart speaker solution.
Cons: Not an ideal choice if you only need one speaker, still a work in progress.

5. Lenovo Smart Assistant Infinity

lenovo smart assistant infinity smart speaker

This Lenovo Smart Assistant Infinity features eight built-in, 360-degree far-field microphones, so it’s able to pick up your voice from over 16 feet away, in any direction. It also includes noise cancellation technology that ensures Amazon Alexa hears your commands, even when music is playing in the background.

The Lenovo Infinity comes in various colors to compliment your home, including light gray, dark gray, green, and orange, and black matte. There’s also a black matte edition created with Harman/Kardon.

Why should you buy it?

One of the newest speakers on the list, the Lenovo Infinity offers a refreshing design and high-end specifications at a reasonable price. It’s a good choice for small homes and apartments.

Pros: Great price, beautiful design.
Cons: Relatively new, can be hard to find.

6. Harman/Kardon Allure

Harman Kardon Allure Voice-Activated Home Speaker with Alexa, Black Harman Kardon Allure Voice-Activated Home Speaker with Alexa, Black Buy Now On Amazon $88.99

The Harmon Kardon Allure offers a built-in four-microphone array with advanced noise cancelation technology. In a unique twist, it also includes responsive lighting that animates the semi-transparent body.

Why should you buy it?

If you’re looking for something different, the Harmon/Kardon could be for you. What a beautiful design, no?

Pros: Great design, Harmon/Kardon name.
Cons: Pricey, responsive lighting might not appeal to you.

Third-Party Speakers Compatible With Google Assistant

The number of third-party speakers that use Google Assistant remains small, although that should change in time. Google Assistant is a strong choice because of the growing number of OK Google voice commands available. Here are some of the best smart speakers on the market right now:

7. JBL Link System

jbl link system smart speakers

JBL offers four smart speakers powered by Google Assistant, including the Link 10, Link 500, Link 300, and Link 20. Each speaker serves different purposes and locations in your home. Not surprisingly, the idea of the Link system is to group multiple speakers with Google Chromecast and Google Assistant built-in.

The portable Link 10 and Link 20 are for outdoor or mobile use. Each features a rugged, waterproof design. The Link 500 and Link 300 each provides more powerful sound and are ideally suited to create an amplified multi-room listening experience.

Why should you buy it?

For folks looking for an all-in-one system that can grow with your family, you can’t go wrong with the JBL Link system. Each component is reasonably priced (watch for discounts) and simple to use. They are each available in white and black.

Pros: Price, selection.
Cons: Native Google Home speakers could squeeze these out of the market in time.

8. Sony Google Assistant Wireless Speaker

sony google assistant wireless smart speaker

The Google Assistant Wireless Speaker by Sony comes from one of the oldest names in technology. Rated IPX3-rated splash proof, the speaker offers 360-degree sound. Available in black and white.

Why should you buy it?

This no-frills speaker is the only one on the list that includes an easy-to-view LED clock. Perfect for your nightstand or in your living room.

Pros: Affordable price, Unique clock functionality.
Cons: Boring design, may be difficult to find.

9. Mobvoi TicHome Mini

Mobvoi TicHome Mini smart speaker

Finally, the splash-proof TicHome Mini offers a hands-free assistant that works in every room of your home. The smallest smart speaker on this list, the TicHome is available in multiple colors, including black, white, teal, and pink.

Why should you buy it?

The TicHome Mini is one of the most portable speakers featuring Google Assistant on the market. Just pick it up and go.

Pros: Portable design, unique look.
Cons: High price.

A Growing List of Great Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are quite popular, and this trend should continue for many years to come. When looking for an intelligent speaker A Comparison Guide to Amazon Echo Devices: Which One Is Best for You? Which Amazon Echo device is right for you? We compare the Plus, Dot, Tap, Show, Spot, Look, and Fire TV Cube to help you make up your mind. Read More , find the one that suits your tastes, needs, and budget. There’s no need to stick with the big brands, when some of the best speakers on the market are created by a third-party.

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