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Think Twitter is Just 140 Characters? Think Again

Sandy Writtenhouse 17-06-2015

Twitter doesn’t just have to be about simple old tweets. There is a whole lot more you can do if you have the right apps.


Facebook and LinkedIn both have official companion apps that let you do more with your accounts. You can use them to concentrate on Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Job Searches 7 Great LinkedIn Mobile Apps to Explore Your Network With Networking and connecting to those in your field can bring new job opportunities, collaboration, and brand recognition. LinkedIn has several mobile apps focusing on specific areas to assist you even further. Read More , for example. Twitter is a little different though. Aside from the original app, there are only a couple of official companion apps from Twitter. Luckily there are some third party apps you can use for a different Twitter experience — with media instead of the written word.


Available for free on both iOS and Android, Meerkat lets you stream live videos to your Twitter followers. The videos will show up in your followers’ feeds. So, if they also have Meerkat they can receive push notifications, retweet your posts Retweet With Comments: All You Need To Know About Quote Tweets You may have noticed a new feature on Twitter these past few days: You can now retweet with comments! Here's all you need to know about the new tool. Read More , and interact with your tweets.

Watchers can only see the live videos, so there are no replays. A recent update to the app provides users more stability for watching streams and you can watch those streams right from the feed. Meerkat provides a fun way to share your moments to Twitter.



Periscope is one of the official apps mentioned above that was available only for iOS until a very recent Android release. Like Meerkat, but directly from Twitter, this app lets you stream live videos to your Twitter feed Twitter Video and Group Messages: Everything You Need to Know Twitter, the world's favourite micro-blogging social network, has launched two new highly anticipated features. You can now finally record and share videos directly on Twitter, and you can also start private group chats. Read More .


The nice thing about Periscope is that your videos are available for replay for 24 hours after they have been posted. You can also make your broadcasts private, so only certain users can see them. You can even manage notifications and collect hearts from viewers who liked what you shared. There was an update recently bringing even more features such as a zoom-able map for viewing videos worldwide, instant access to Replays, and the ability to share the broadcast you are currently viewing. Periscope is a free app.



TweetCaster offers a great way to improve your Twitter experience. You can use the SmartLists to organize your stream and Start Filters to quickly see links, photos, and videos. When uploading your photos, you can use cool photo affects, apply nifty filters, and even add funny captions. For iOS users, you can take media sharing even further with iTunes Music Sharing which includes purchase options. One of the best features of TweetCaster What Is The Best Twitter Client For iPad? 5 Top Apps Compared Unlike Facebook, Twitter has a reputation for providing expansive support for third-party portals into the service. Though that support has wavered at times, there’s still a number of Twitter apps (including an official one) available... Read More is Zip It which allows you to hide tweets without having to unfollow others.

The app allows multiple Twitter accounts, posting to Facebook, and the ability to view conversation threads. TweetCaster is available for both iOS and Android and has both free and paid versions for each.



Tweetings for Twitter

Also available for both iOS and Android is Tweetings for Twitter. This is a paid app with a free version for iPhone and iPod touch. This is another app that helps to improve your experience with plenty of useful features. How about sharing some fun animated GIFs in your tweets? A recent update to the iOS app now also provides for video uploading, although still in the beta stages.

There is multiple photo support, a conversation view, customizable retweet options, and the ability to schedule a tweet. Tweetings for Twitter provides translations, lists, shortened URLs, a tweet exclusion filter, and can be used for multiple Twitter accounts.




Hootsuite lets you post on up to three social media networks for free. So, if you post simultaneously to Twitter and Facebook often, this is a good app for that. Although Hootsuite does not contain fun photo editing options, you can conveniently upload and share pictures to all accounts at one time. You can schedule your tweets and posts manually by choosing the date and time or use the auto-scheduling feature.

URLs are shortened with the app’s service,, so that you can obtain statistics. You can select the streams you would like to see, for example, your scheduled posts, tweets sent, mentions, or home stream. Hootsuite is handy for multiple accounts and is available for the Web and both iOS and Android with upgrade options.


Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer lets you tweet and post to different social media networks at one time. You can schedule posts automatically including links, text, photos, and videos.

If you want to make a cool quote really stand out on Twitter, Buffer has a neat tool you can use to overlay your text onto an image. Check out Pablo, and you’ll be sharing beautiful quotes in no time at all.


Buffer provides statistics for retweets, mentions, likes, and shares so if you use it for business, this is an added bonus. A recent update to the app for Android includes Pinterest support. Just add your Pinterest account on the Buffer website and the app will take care of the rest. This is a great addition to the app, expecially for those of you who love sharing media. Buffer is available on the Web and also for iOS and Android with options to upgrade.



TweetDeck is the other official app from Twitter and is currently only available for Mac and mobile apps, but can also be accessed via the Web. This is a free app that allows tracking of real-time messages.

It is intended for heavy users, marketers, and publishers Tweetdeck Teams: How to Manage or Share a Twitter Account If you share a Twitter account with others, perhaps managing a brand or just running a cool creative handle, then Tweetdeck just got a whole lot better. Say hello to the new Tweetdeck Teams. Read More . It has a customizable layout and lets you tweet photos, links, and videos. You can monitor multiple timelines, schedule tweets, and use alerts and filters. Media previews are available by default and if you really love seeing media in your feeds, you can adjust the previews to be larger.

What is Your Favorite Twitter App?

Do you like the original app from Twitter for staying up to date or do you prefer one of these third party apps? Do you prefer to do your social media sharing with extensions 6 Great Social Sharing Extensions for Firefox People love to share articles online, but some of us like to have more options than are presented to us by the site. In fact, this is a common problem. Read More ? Maybe there is a different tool you have found for your mobile device that has even better media sharing options. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions below!

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  1. Anonymous
    June 18, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    I use Tweetdeck desktop, which I find particularly useful for letting me participate in Twitterchats, some simultaneously, while keeping an eye on my feed. I keep an open column for notifications, so I can respond quickly. My biggest complaints since Twitter took it over from the original developers: doesn't automatically include hashtags and doesn't update the feeds reliably.