These Tutorials for Google’s Web Apps Teach All the Secrets
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Google, far more than just being a search engine, hosts all sorts of apps that help you be more productive in different areas. While Google’s apps are usually pretty easy to pick up, they contain lots of hidden features and thus might be overwhelming to a first-time user.

If you’ve just gotten starting using Google Docs or other web apps as your main tools, the Chrome extension Training for Google Apps, offered by Google, is for you. Once installed into your browser, this tool brings new tutorials to a variety of Google’s most popular apps.

While you won’t find a tutorial segment for every app (like Google Keep), the ones that are here are high-quality. Each tutorial is broken into bite-sized pieces that teach you how to do just a small task, and are guided so you don’t get lost in a bunch of text. In addition, pertinent buttons and menus are called out with lightboxes — it all feels premium, not an afterthought.

If you’re not sure whether the extension would help you, it applies to Gmail, Calendar, Drive, the Office apps, Google+, Google Classroom, and even the Admin Console for business. Those who learn by doing will find a lot to love with this, and it even includes audio to further your understanding.

Of course, if you prefer some meaty text to learn from, check out our ultimate Google Drive guide.

Do you like the idea of learning to use Google apps through an interactive tutorial? Let us know if this tool helped you!

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