There’s an Absurd Amount of Domain Endings Now

ROFL 23-02-2016

Domains are kind of like street addresses. There’s the name of the site, and the ending that follows. Jefferson Avenue, They’re basically the same thing.

But as time has gone on, domain names have changed a lot. It’s not just .com, .net, and so one anymore. Now there’s crazy domains like .group, .vegas, and all kinds of other ones you won’t believe.

Via EuropeanDomainCentre

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  1. Anonymous
    February 24, 2016 at 3:58 am

    I Have No Problems With Any Domains.

    I Just Think .XXX Should Be Mandatory For Any Site With Adult Content.

    It Should Not Matter Where You Start, Or What Links You Traveled - Any Adult Content Should Be Finally Redirected To A .XXX Domain, Period.

    I Am Not, Or Have Any Desire Whatsoever To Be, A Parent But This Would Make Their Life A Lot Easier.


    • Gcat
      November 5, 2016 at 11:52 pm

      What is Adult Content? People disagree.
      Also, we know incorrect flagging is an issue. A health site about self breast exams, have been flagged by filters as "adult," so is a filter that may incorrectly flag content going to redirect? Also there are people out there who would like a site about self breast exams is adult content.
      Is a webcomic about two gay characters, who may kiss and hug, adult content. Some would say "Yes." Other would point out that a webcomic with male and female couple who may kiss and hug would not be considered adult and you shouldn't force your views on other.
      Also, say a site that has info on dealing with feeling that you are not the sex you where born or with attraction to the same gender or both gender. What about sites that give info on safe sex, on STD's, on changes to a body growing up and the parent's of these kids who are going to these site, to understand themselves, protect themselves, and/or get help from abuse, would be upset that their child went there. These parent's may want a site marked as adult and keep their child in the dark, yes, if if there child is being abused them may still not want them to go to those sites, and the child could suffer or (and really am serious about this) die.
      Legit sites that have adult content, usually follow the law, they not trying to do bad things like put malware on your computer, steal your identity, steal personal info, let underago children onto the site, ect. These site are not hard to block. It the other sites, which it's hard to police, in the World Wide Web, since site are hosted all over the world and connected to each other in a web that it's very hard cut a site from that web.

      The web is wild and info needs to be available to help those who really need it.

      • A41202813GMAIL
        November 6, 2016 at 3:00 am

        I Am Talking About **LISA ANN** Like Videos Material.

        Just To Clarify, I Do Not Want Them Under Any Kind Of Censorship, Just Under A Clear .XXX Domain, Period.


        You Seem Uncomfortable - Are You In The Adult Stuff Business ?

  2. Anonymous
    February 23, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    While it's great that there is now so much variety in domain names I do wonder how much confusion this will cause.
    I can easily see somebody trying to set up fake sites with a slightly differing end address with .cam instead of .com for example.

    Maybe its the cynic in me but I think this could cause a lot of problems in the (very) near future.