The Weakness of the Most Popular Superheroes and Villains

ROFL 29-08-2015

We all have weaknesses. For most people, a punch to the face will cause them to go down. Other people have more specific weaknesses. For example, I’m terrified of spiders Have Fears? Here's How To Conquer Them We all have fears. The funny thing about fears, though, is that most of them can be conquered. Read More , so if you start throwing spiders at me, I’ve been bested.

For superheroes and villains Can You Identify These Superheroes By Their Underwear? It's a good thing most superheroes wear their underwear on the outside. Because you'll never know when you'll be asked to identify them by their undies. Read More , their weaknesses are a little bit different. They get punched in the face all the time and it doesn’t do anything to them. Remember who is weak to what is complicated, and can be difficult for even the most hardcore comic fans.

But fear not, because the handy chart below from Morph Suits shows who’s weak to what in a way that’s quite easy to read. Check it out, and never be confused again!

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  1. Philip Bates
    August 29, 2015 at 10:23 am

    The Muramasa Blade would be most heroes and villains' weaknesses, to be fair to Wolvie and co. And Thor doesn't totally depend on Mjolnir: take it away from him and he struggles somewhat, but he's still, y'know, bloody strong. I liked Fin Fang Foom's inclusion though!