The Ultimate Ransomware Website You Should Know About

Ben Stegner 03-08-2016

Being hit by any kind of malware is nasty, but ransomware packs an extra-tough punch because it locks you out of your own data. We’ve shown ways to protect yourself from ransomware Ransomware Keeps Growing - How Can You Protect Yourself? Read More , and it’s important to stay vigilant in the fight against these terrible attacks.


Now, there’s a site that everyone should visit to learn about ransomware, and it’s called Sponsored by Kaspersky and Intel Security, the site aims to be a resource for anyone to learn about ransomware, as well as to help people affected by the infection get their stuff back if possible.

The site includes an FAQ section on ransomware, links to information on specific instances of ransomware, and advice on how to prevent an attack if you’re just looking for information. Should you be visiting because you’ve been hit by ransomware, the site provides a feature called Crypto Sheriff.

This page allows you to upload two encrypted files, which are then checked by the system to see if they have the solution available to decrypt them. Of course, with ransomware changing all the time, there’s no guarantee that your files will be recoverable with this method, but it’s certainly worth a shot. There’s also a place to report a crime if you’ve been hit by a ransomware attack.

Above all, the site reminds you that you should not pay for ransomware, because it lets the criminals win and encourages this activity further. Hopefully, everyone can learn something from this page and help fight ransomware going forward.


Interested in learning more about ransomware? Check out the history of ransomware A History of Ransomware: Where It Started & Where It's Going Ransomware dates from the mid-2000s and like many computer security threats, originated from Russia and eastern Europe before evolving to become an increasingly potent threat. But what does the future hold for ransomware? Read More , including where it’s headed.

Did you learn anything from this page? Let us know what other sites are joining the fight against ransomware in the comments.

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  2. Anonymous
    August 3, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    I use Ubuntu for most of my computing, but also have dual boot with Windows. As of the end of July 2016, is there any ransomware that will affect my Linux partitions or boot process if I get ransomware in Windows? I know that most ransomware will not infect Linux, but have not been able to find if ransomware would make it difficult to boot into Linux. I am using UEFI boot.