The Swizzle: Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists & Reduce Incoming Spam

Tim Brookes 10-05-2013

Email can be both the most useful thing in the world and the bane of your morning routine. Where companies once had to print, post and pay for promotions via a relic of the past known as “post”, these days we’re bombarded from all angles with deals, newsletters and other junk Top 4 Freeware Spam Blockers That Actually Work Read More which costs most marketers very little to send. If you’re on the receiving end of way too much incoming email and you need help then The Swizzle might be just what you’re after.


unsubscribe from mailing lists

It’s a simple email organiser that can scan, sort and reduce the amount of junk in your inbox on a daily basis and it works for Gmail, Google Apps Mail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, and iCloud email accounts. First of all you must enter your email and grant permission to your inbox, then allow The Swizzle to scan your email. The company promises on its FAQ page that no email is ever read by a human, rather the service looks for bulk emailing traits to separate the real email and dreaded spam.


Once complete the service will offer to unsubscribe you from whatever email lists it finds, and you can then choose to create a single daily email which features offers instead. This is known as a Daily Digest, and it’s blatantly how the service remains free. In exchange for a series of separate emails scattered across your inbox, The Swizzle’s Daily Digest is just one daily email with all the offers you’d like – not a bad deal, right?


  • Pair and scan your inbox to find out which lists you can unsubscribe from.
  • Continue to receive the offers you care about via a Daily Digest.
  • Completely free to use!

Start cleaning up your inbox at

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