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The Social Frontier: Great Ways To Explore Space On Social Networks

Joshua Lockhart 03-10-2013

Space: the final frontier. Yet Colonel Chris Hadfield was still able to tweet from it…


Yes, social media has already found its way to space, and by doing so, it’s helped those of us here on earth to connect with the big black void. But what are the best social media accounts to follow when it comes to space travel and technology?

For all you techie star-gazing wanderers out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best social media accounts you should follow for exploring space without having to leave your own home.

NASA: Instagram & Flickr


NASA offers a visual representation of its space-related materials via Instagram and Flickr. For those of you who are interested in simply viewing the worlds beyond our own, these accounts are probably the best ones for you to check. The Instagram account provides a brief explanation of each photograph, but honestly, Flickr might be more educational for you.



Either way, though, the awe-inspiring images are worth looking at regardless of whether or not you want the whole background story. People still gazed at stars before we knew they were giant balls of gas, right?

Mars Curiosity: Twitter


Interested in Mars? Many people are these days (especially with the recent discovery of traces of H2O in Martian soil). If you’re interested in getting play-by-play updates on the Red Planet, the Mars Rover Curiosity has its very own Twitter account which posts all kinds of info about its most recent discoveries.

Furthermore, Curiosity posts pictures online for the good of the public. By following this account, it’s the closest you’ll probably get to exploring Mars itself.


SpaceX: YouTube & Facebook


SpaceX is a privatized space exploration and technology company that’s bent on offering space travel to the citizens of Earth. They aren’t cheap, of course — rates don’t start at the price of a bus ticket across town. However, it’s an interesting company to follow, and who knows? You may just happen to stumble across a few hundred-thousand dollars to just throw at the wall.


SpaceX’s YouTube page offers some amazing footage of its private spacecraft, while the Facebook Page connects you with photos of the same craft as well as company trivia. This company is perfect for you to follow if you are interested in the future of space exploration by the private sector.


The Hubble Space Telescope: Twitter


The Hubble Space Telescope is a favorite among space enthusiasts, and its Twitter account makes it possible for you to view its breath-taking images right from your own mobile device! Granted, the Twitter account itself does not necessarily contain photos — everything mostly redirects you the Hubble section of NASA’s website.

Furthermore, the account isn’t just about Hubble’s images. In fact, it’s about everything related to Hubble, so can learn a bit more about the background and mission of the telescope. However, even if you aren’t very knowledgeable about the technical side of space exploration, the images themselves are worth the follow.

Orbital Sciences: Twitter & Facebook

The Social Frontier: Great Ways To Explore Space On Social Networks orbitalsciences
Orbital Sciences is another privatized space technology company, and it actually works quite closely with internationally-sponsored space agencies by supplying materials used on missions. However, Orbital Sciences also has very active Twitter and Facebook accounts which are great for the inner-astronomer in all of us.



With that said, the posts found on these accounts are a bit out there (pun unintended). While there are incredible images of rockets being launched and other space-related imagery, those who are already knowledgeable about space might find this more interesting than others. Even still, it’s a great place to learn about extra-terrestrial travel and technology!


Some have said that 2012 was the big year for a revival in enthusiasm for space travel, and as we head towards the end of the 2013, this fire still seems to burn. With highlights from the Mars Curiosity Rover, Commander Hadfield, and even Red Bull’s Mission to the Edge of Space, we at MakeUseOf can tell that social media is going to connect us even more to worlds outside of Earth.

Want more? If you’re not into social networks, here are some websites that will help you explore space without going on Facebook 6 More Interesting Websites for Space & Astronomy Buffs Read More . You can also explore space on the go with these iOS apps by NASA 7 Cool iPhone & iPad Space Apps From NASA [iOS] NASA and its astronauts have boldly gone where many of us can only dream of going – the depths of space. Their website is full of information, thought-provoking imagery and a couple of awesome free... Read More .

How do you follow space exploration? Do you follow any of the above accounts? What are some of the coolest posts that you have seen?

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