The Roku Channel Lets You Watch Movies for Free
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The Roku Channel — a free channel offering hundreds of popular movies — has now rolled out to all current-generation Roku devices. So, if you’re a Roku owner you now have access to new content, which is both free and legal. And all you need to do is sit through the occasional advert.

We’re big fans of Roku devices here at MakeUseOf. So much so we’ve argued that you should buy a Roku over a smart TV. And that was before Roku refreshed its hardware lineup. Now, in addition to hardware, Roku is starting to offer content, with The Roku Channel packed to the gills with movies.

The Roku Channel Is Now Available

In September 2017, Roku unveiled The Roku Channel: a free, ad-supported channel showing a mix of licensed movies and movies sourced from other services. Now, one month on, the rollout of The Roku Channel is complete. That is if you’re in the U.S. and have a current-gen Roku (post June 2011).

Just like Vudu, the movies are all available to stream for free, with “no subscription, no fees, and no login required”. The only caveat being you’ll have to put up with the occasional ad. Roku insists the ads will be few and far between, short enough to put up with, and not too repetitive. Fingers crossed.

Roku has acquired movies from studios including Lionsgate, MGM, Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers. It’s also offering content from American Classics, FilmRise, Popcornflix, Vidmark, and YuYu. Which means you can watch classics (!) such as The Zookeeper and The Karate Kid (the bad one).

If you own a current-gen Roku you have two ways of adding The Roku Channel. You can either head straight for the channel store and add The Roku Channel. Or you can go to the main menu, Select Streaming Channels, and find it in the “Featured,” “New and Notable,” or “Movies & TV” categories.

Yet Another Source for Streaming Movies

The Roku Channel isn’t going to fulfil all of your movie-watching needs. The films available on there aren’t exactly new blockbuster titles fresh out of theaters. However, The Roku Channel provides another source for streaming movies, and as it’s free, you can’t really complain, can you?

Do you own a Roku streaming device? If so, which one do you own? Do you think Roku devices are the future? Or do you prefer other media streaming hardware? Will you be making use of The Roku Channel? Do you mind watching ads for free content? The comments are open below!

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