The Price of PlayStation Plus Is Going Up in September
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PlayStation Plus, first introduced in 2010, is the premium service for gamers on one of Sony’s three current platforms. Each month, those with PlayStation Plus enjoy new games, exclusive discounts and opportunities, and the ability to play games online on PS4.

We’ve compared PS Plus to Xbox Live Gold, the comparable Xbox service, and found them both to be a good deal. However, PS Plus always had the advantage of being $10 cheaper — $50 per year to Microsoft’s $60 per year, when paid annually.

That’s all changing next month.

On September 22, Sony is increasing the price of PlayStation Plus to $60 per year, or $25 for three months. A monthly subscription is still $10. Prepaid PS Plus cards are still selling for $50 (for now), so if your subscription is due to expire soon after September 22, it’s a good idea to renew before that date to save $10.

Of course, this is leaving many gamers upset, in no small part due to the fact that the free games have been lackluster in recent months. With the PS3 becoming a bit long in the tooth, it’s possible that Sony will drop the aging console in favor of beefing up the service on PS4.

However, Sony hasn’t given any indication of what this extra $10/year is going towards, other than saying “market changes” effected the change. They even made the announcement by editing an old blog post instead of creating a new one.

If you want to cancel your subscription so you aren’t automatically charged when it renews, open your PS4 and browse to PlayStation Network > Account Information > Services List and choose to Cancel Automatic Renewal on PS Plus. On a PS3, this is found at Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List.

You can also head to Sony’s account center. After logging in, click Account, then delete the payment method you have on hand to force auto-renew to fail.

Are you angry at the price increase? Let us know if you’ll cancel your PS Plus subscription, or if you still think the services is worth it!

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