The Only Map You’ll Need to Navigate The Division’s Dark Zone
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The Division is upon us! Ubisoft’s third-person loot shooter has been unleashed upon the world for a couple weeks now, and players are quickly realizing that Dark Zone is one of the best ways to get some sweet gear. (Don’t get me started on the grind to get Division Tech, though.)

The Dark Zone is directionless place. There are no missions or quests to do. Instead, there’s a large chunk of New York City filled with formidable enemies, and scariest of all, other players.

The lack of direction means that you need to find your own way around. You’ll need to figure out where the enemies are. You’ll need to find the loot chests. You even need to figure out where the painfully rare yellow Division Tech spawns.


That’s why Reddit user Michael Lynch built a fantastic interactive map of the Dark Zone that shows where every item and boss in the Dark Zone is. You can mouse over them to see the bosses name, or get an exact location of a chest. The map will let you zoom in and out, and even run it full screen!

It gets better, though, because you can actually create and share farm routes on the map by just clicking and dragging. If you want to share routes with your friends, you can just copy the provided link and send it to them.

If you’re a The Division player, you absolutely need to check out and its fantastic map, plain and simple.

Have you played The Division? What did you think of the game? Let us know in the comments!

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