The Image Language: Translate Your Sentences Into Google Images

Umar 11-06-2012

There are numerous funning web tools popping online every day. The most enjoyable of these tools are the ones that you can use with your friends. A tool that falls into this category is “The Image Language.”


the image language

The Image Language is a free to use online tool that codes your sentences using Google Images. The site lets you translate the words in your sentences into the first image showed by Google Images for that sentence. For example, the sentence in the image above “Rainbows drown sorrows.” was converted into the following images: the image of a rainbow, the Google Image result for “drown,” and then for sorrows.

The Image Language: Translate Your Sentences Into Google Images Water

The site can be used in fun ways to encode your sentences with images. The converted text can be saved to your gallery or shared on Facebook with friends.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Converts words into your sentence into images
  • Fetches images from Google Images
  • Lets you share converted text with friends on Facebook
  • Lets you save result to site’s gallery

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