The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter – May 2nd 2013 Edition

Matt Smith 02-05-2013

The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition kickstarterlogo2By now you should be aware that there is a really cool website called Kickstarter  5 Of The Most Successful Kickstarter Projects Ever Kickstarter has undoubtedly changed the world, enabling regular Joes to fund development and production for creative projects that interest them. while helping the creative types bypass the typical venture capitalists, costly bank loans, or soul-destroying... Read More where people can pledge to support projects that they’re interested in. Little things – like Android game consoles, eInk watches, and high-budget video games.


Each Kickstarter is its own drama representing the hopes and dreams of at least one person. Will it succeed? Will it fail When Kickstarters Fail [Feature] Crowd-funding has finally transformed from niche idea to mainstream concept. Credit for this surge in popularity can be thrown at the feet of Kickstarter and its contemporaries. Some highly publicized projects have raised millions of... Read More ? Will it become a media sensation? It’s impossible to know before the money starts flooding in – or doesn’t  So pop some popcorn and grab your mouse. We’ve got some Kickstarters to watch.

The Up-And-Comers

Drive With Lynk

The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition lynk

Modern cars have a lot of electronics in them. This includes an on-board computer that monitors how the vehicle is driven and the state of the engine; RPMs, fuel consumption, pedal position, etc. With the correct device, this data can be harnessed to create an in-depth profile of driving habits, and Lynk wants to give consumers an easy way to access that information.

I think it’s a great idea, and the project does a good job of explaining the project – but the catch is a huge $750,000 goal. Can Lynk make it?

Infinity Cell Kinect Charger

I recently wrote an article about how to charge a smartphone in an emergency 5 Ways To Charge Your Phone In An Emergency Smartphones can be important tools in an emergency. Besides providing the chance to call for help, a phone can act as a flashlight, compass and GPS. But all of a phone’s functions rely on the... Read More . One reader responded that the methods, though they worked, usually relied on some external power source like a battery or solar panel. Infinity aims to solve that problem with a kinetic charger that can provide power to a smartphone by shaking it, or by walking with the charger attached to your waist.


The project launched just a few days ago and has a goal of $155,000. I hope they make it, because there’s certainly a need for this kind of device.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition lightpack

A few years ago HDTV manufacturer began to sell televisions with a featured called Ambilight which projected light behind a television’s display, effectively framing it. The goal of this feature was to reduce eye strain and improve perceived contrast; most reviewers were impressed, if not blown away. Now Lightpack wants to bring the same idea to every home theater or office with a small box that can be used with a television, PC or Mac.

The project’s creators say that Lightpack will reduce eye strain and increase perceived display size. Though just launched, the project has already made over $100,000 of its $261,962 goal.


The Competitors

Camelot Unchained

The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition camelotunchained

After a very successful early blitz that put the project past $1.2 million, Camelot unchained – a massively multiplayer game developed with Mark Jacobs at the head – has hit a bit of a roadblock. Revenue now sits at just over $1.4 million of the $2 million dollar goal and there is, at time of this writing, only a few days left.

The situation for this PVP-MMO and spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot seems dire, but some large projects have seen a huge up-tick in pledges near their end and most projects that get past the halfway point fund.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition flowstorm1


Flowstorm’s developers have done everything right. They have a great concept, have been covered at major media outlets, and have even provided a playable demo that lets anyone enjoy a few introductory levels for free. Yet, in spite of all this, the project sits at less than $5,000 of its modest $50,000 funding goal.

That’s a real shame – and once again demonstrates that new game ideas have a hard time competing against Kickstarters rooted in an established and beloved franchise.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition skydog1

This project is about a router 4 Things to Know Before Buying a Wi-Fi Router for Your Home Wondering how to get Wi-Fi at home, what a Wi-Fi router is, or what kind of router you need? This introduction will answer your questions and more. Read More . Seems boring, right? What makes Skydog different is that it’s built from the ground up to work with a smartphone or tablet app that can monitor usage, change settings and more. The idea is similar to another project, called Guardian, that didn’t make its goal – but that project also asked for stratospheric $358,000.


Skydog wants a far more modest $75,000 and is extremely close with 19 days to go. It may even be funded by the time you read this.

The Losers


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition duo1

DUO is a high-performance 3D sensor that’s aimed at the do-it-yourself crowd. If you’re thinking of Kinect 5 Microsoft Xbox Kinect Hacks That'll Blow Your Mind Read More , you’re not far off, but DUO is designed specifically to work with a wide range of hardware and provide better input quality than the Kinect can currently handle. The project seemed on track the last time we checked on it, but it lost momentum and came in at just $62,529; far below the $110,000 goal.

A lack of updates may have been the problem, as the projects creators added just two, and one of those is a sad farewell written when it became clear the project wouldn’t fund.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition guardian1

If you want to know what not to do when creating a Kickstarter, check out Guardian. The idea is identical to Skydog, which is near its funding goal, but Guardian never broken $50,000. Why? The project’s duration was too long, the funding goal too high, and updates too infrequent. The project page went for a month and half – yep, a month and a half – without update after the final update on March 9th.

That’s not how you get people to fork over $350,000.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter - May 2nd 2013 Edition picsu1

Thunk. That’s the sound of Picsu making $1,577 over the course of a month. That’s, um, not a lot – and the project, which aimed to create a power supply Power Supplies Explained: How To Pick The Perfect PSU For Your Computer Most geeks interested in buying new hardware or building a new system think first of the processor, graphics card and perhaps the hard drive. These components have the most impact on performance, so they are... Read More  for hobbyists that could be installed in a computer’s 5.25” bay, only wanted $5,200. Picsu’s failure to make its goal may have been due to the creator’s misunderstanding about what the target market wants. Several commenters on the project’s page pointed out features they’d like to see that weren’t included.

The Winners

Sorry, folks – no winners this time around, though Skydog is so close that it may be funded by the time you read this.

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  1. Matt Smith
    May 2, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    An update; Camelot Unchained was funded last night after a huge upsurge in contributions. The campaign is now over at a total of $2,232,933!

    • macwitty
      May 3, 2013 at 4:16 pm

      I'm always pleased to see peoples project founded - a bit of someones dreams come true - even if there wasn't anything this time I wanted to put my money into

      • Lisa Santika Onggrid
        May 10, 2013 at 10:49 am

        True. Like the article's opening paragraph stated, every project represents someone's hope and dream-no matter how absurd it may seem.