The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition

Matt Smith 14-03-2013

The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition kickstarterlogo1By now you have to know all about Kickstarter where people from all around the web contribute to and support the projects that they’re most interested in. These projects include all sorts of interesting new products like Android consoles, interesting eInk watches, or high-budget video games.


Each Kickstarter project is unique in its own way, representing hard work and dreams of one person or an entire team of people. Will it succeed? Will it fail When Kickstarters Fail [Feature] Crowd-funding has finally transformed from niche idea to mainstream concept. Credit for this surge in popularity can be thrown at the feet of Kickstarter and its contemporaries. Some highly publicized projects have raised millions of... Read More ? Will that Kickstarter project become a media sensation? It’s impossible to know whether a project will succeed on Kickstarter until the money starts rolling in – or doesn’t. Let’s explore some awesome Kickstarters to watch.

The Up-And-Comers


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition fopydo

This oddly named project aims to create a scanning solution so portable that it can be placed in a backpack. To do this, FOPYDO harnesses the power of your smartphone’s camera with a unique document and camera cradle. Once constructed, users can take pictures of documents and even use barcodes to sort documents, if desired. The project was just launched and has a $50,000 goal.

Prizm Home Hub

The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition prizm

Many Kickstarters have tried to create personal home hubs, some of which I’ve covered. Most have failed to attract backers. Prizm offers something more than most, however, because it ties connected home functions to a specific device with an intuitive interface. The Prizm hardware includes a touchscreen, and sensors for temperature, humidity and motion.


Users can expand on this basic functionality with third-party sensors and cameras. The project’s goal is a lofty $200,000.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition sandbox

This project is in support of an existing invite-only service, SANDBOXR. The service gives users an easy-to-use tool for creating 3D models and SANDBOXR prints them for a fee using 3D printers that are much larger (and more expensive!) than those users can enjoy at home. The start-up is already in need for a second 3D printer, but doesn’t have the cash on hand – which is where you come in.

Backers who pledge at least $25 can have their custom creation printed at 3 inches tall and everyone who pledges at least $5 receives an invite to the service.



Victory is a new real-time strategy game from Petroglyph, the studio behind as-yet-unreleased MMO-RTS End Of Nations. For reasons unknown, Petroglyph’s publisher has taken development control away from the studio. Rather than give up the developers have decided to start work on new game that follows a similar formula but ditches End Of Nations’ bright sci-fi visuals for a gritty World War II settings.

The goal of $700,000 is a lot, but unlike many competitors, Petroglyph already has gameplay to show.

The Contenders


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition guardian1

Guardian is the Porsche of routers. At its core, it does nothing another router can’t – Guardian just does it better. Besides a wide range of features, including 802.11n, five Gigabit Ethernet ports and OpenWRT The Top 6 Alternative Firmwares for Your Router Looking for alternative router software like DD-WRT? Custom router firmware can add functionality, but is it safe to use? Read More support, Guardian also boasts a custom app that lets users control the router’s functionality directly from their phone.


The goal is to make unlocking a router’s potential as easy as using a web browser. Currently the project has made a slim fraction of its $358,000 goal, but there’s still more than a month left.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition imago1

This project is an interesting cross between art and technology. Rather the providing a product, IMAGOphotour is attempting to take the world’s largest 1:1 portrait camera on tour. This unusual device, which is seen above, can take huge black-and-white portraits that are absolutely unique – no similar device exists in the world.

The only problem is location. Currently the IMAGO is tied to Berlin, Germany – but if this project is successful, it will tour across the globe. Funding stands at about half its 95,000 Pound goal with just a few days remaining, so act quickly if you’re interested!


The Losers

7300 SuperVault

The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition 7300supervault1

A good idea is sometimes enough, but excellent project production values are sometimes needed for success. SuperVault, a hardware file and folder encryption key, didn’t have the best video or images – and that seriously hurt its prospects. Backers pledged well less than half of the project’s modest $20,000 goal.

The Winners

Desktop 3D Scanner

The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition 3dscanner1

The road to success has been longer than I expected for this project, but it successfully raised its $80,000 pound goal with less than a week remaining. Backers who pledged at least 599 pounds for the “Early Backer Special” will be receiving their 3D scanner in September. Everyone else must wait until October.


The Gadgets & Games Of Kickstarter: March 14th 2013 Edition projectq1

Sometimes niche ideas are the most successful as they fill a desire people had, but never thought would be fulfilled. Such is the case with ProjectQ, a motherboard designed to run any operating system. This means it has a full set of ports for Windows, OS X and Linux (among others) including FireWire and Thunderbolt Why Apple's New Thunderbolt Port Is Awesome [Technology Explained] I/O ports aren’t a technology that folks spend a lot of time thinking about. Let’s face it – they’re not sexy. Still, ports are important. As the interface between your computer and everything else, your... Read More . The project launched on March 4th but has already beaten its $87,000 goal by a fair margin and still has almost two weeks remaining.

What Kickstarter projects have you supported lately?

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  1. Lisa Santika Onggrid
    March 15, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    FOPYDO is an interesting concept, but if I have to reassemble and disassemble it every time, it's not suited for a quick job.

  2. Catherine M
    March 14, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    I want the 3d scanner.

  3. Zechariah Allison
    March 14, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Don't forget those whose geek goes deeper within. many 3rd party Tabletop games come out of here for D&D and Pathfinder RPG also publishing things. Great site and if I had more money I would support many of them.

  4. Scott MacDonald
    March 14, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    I funded the Fate 3.0 rpg project on kickstarter and have been wildly pleased with the way they've handled it.