The Days Of Our Life: How To Lifelog Online With Photos And Videos

Nancy Messieh 04-06-2013

life log onlineWe recently took an in-depth look at life-logging, explaining what it is and why you should consider doing it What Is Lifelogging And Why Should You Do It? Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and more, we already document and share quite a lot about our daily lives, without really thinking about it. They are lifelogs of sorts, but without any sort of structure... Read More . One of the best ways to go about it is by taking photos and videos. You won’t find a more expressive, and memorable way to lifelog than through photos and videos.


Photos or videos are the ideal way to document specific moments in your day, and there are several apps and sites that cater to that exact need. At the end of a year of documentation, you’ll have a record, either to share with your family, or for your own personal satisfaction.

One Photo a Day Sites and Apps

There are countless sites dedicated entirely to uploading one photo a day. Usually referred to as Project 365, you can take one photo a day and upload it to any of these sites. In this case, the photo that you take can encapsulate a moment you want to record. Using your phone is a great way to take several photos throughout the day and then choose the photo that means the most to you at the end of the day.

life log online

Sites like Shuttercal, which we included in our list of 5 ways to document your life in pictures online 5 Ways to Document Your Life in Pictures Online Read More , is a great option if you want a calendar like layout of your photos, and it also comes complete with an iPhone app making it easy to document your life on the go.

Blipfoto, which we reviewed here Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Read More , is another great option that comes with a mobile app and a great community built around the site. Using Blipfoto is a great way to make sure that you stick to taking one photo a day since you can only upload one photo per day and the photo has to be taken on the date it’s to be uploaded.


Another niche option comes in the form of apps specifically for taking self-portraits on a daily basis 5 Apps For Snapping Self-Portraits On Your Mobile/Tablet [iOS] Taking a self-portrait with your iPhone or other camera-supported iOS device is probably one of the easiest ways to capture yourself in a photo. Tap the little camera icon in the upper-right side of the... Read More . Other options include the free iPhone app Collect, paid Mac and iOS app Day One Keep a Digital Diary with Day One for Mac OS X and iOS Everyone has a story to tell. It's not always a story in need of an audience, sometimes a story just needs to be told. You may want to continue the journal you started when you... Read More  which also lets you tag your photos with the location, and Everyday.

lifelogging tools

Photo Sharing Sites

If you’d prefer to keep your photos private — while the sites above do offer privacy options — you can also opt for creating a private Instagram account, or even using Flickr, and creating a private set. Seeing as they’ve just upped user storage to a whopping 1 terabyte, and completely revamped the interface, it certainly puts Flickr back in the running for all sorts of photo sharing options. The slick Flickr iPhone app also makes it easy to document your life in photos on the go.

Self-Hosted Site

If you’d rather host your own site, there are quite a few WordPress and Tumblr themes that really lend themselves to a site of this sort. The free WordPress theme AutoFocus highlights the date of each post. The theme hasn’t been updated in a while, but an updated version is available for $55. 365 Pro is another option, available from Frogs Themes for a $39 fee for unlimited access to all of their themes for one year.


lifelogging tools

Video sharing apps and gadgets

One of the best stress-free ways of documenting your life in video is with the iPhone app, 1 Second Everyday How To Create a Video Of Your Life One Second A Day [iPhone] For the last several years, I've committed to completing at least one year-long project that requires only my time and discipline. Such projects include completing a daily creative self-portrait project, keeping a private online jazz... Read More . The $0.99 app makes it easy to record just 1 second of your day in video. The reason 1 Second Everyday is so stress free is that the app really does everything for you. It limits the final shot to just 1 second, so you can choose any time of the day to record a moment in your day that is significant.

lifelogging tools

1 Second Everyday compiles the video for you, so once you’ve got a month’s (or better yet a year’s) worth of 1 second clips – you can watch a fascinating snapshot of your life.


Another video option comes to us courtesy of Twitter – Vine. A social network unto itself, you can save all of your videos on your Vine account. To find out more about how the service works, check out our in-depth review of Vine Vine: Record 6 Second Looping Clips & Share Them With Friends Online Read More . Unfortunately Vine doesn’t come with any sort of privacy settings, so any videos you share will be viewable to the public.
life log online
If you’re looking for some Vine inspiration, be sure to check out the best Twitter Vine videos created so far The Best Twitter Vine Videos Created So Far Short films can be truly amazing. Like the best short stories, short films often pack more meaning into their brief running times than full-length movies (or novels) do. There's something about the genre that compels... Read More .

For more ideas on how to document your life in online videos, be sure to check out our review on how to make a video diary Document Your Life With Moving Images: How to Make a Video Diary [iOS] Most home movies are boring, tedious lengths of footage with little to no editing. But impose some strict rules, cut it down to the good bits, and you might just end up with something pretty... Read More with Second Epic and FrameBlast.

If you want to get really serious about your video logging, you could opt for the more pricey GoPro camera 7 Videos That Will Make You Want a GoPro Camera [Stuff to Watch] Clever marketing goes beyond memorable advertising when it demonstrates exactly what you are missing out on by not owning a product. I'm not usually a sucker for advertising, preferring instead to make my own mind... Read More , or the wearable Memoto and Looxcie cameras, with the latter offering the added option of livestreaming.

Would you document your life one day at a time with photos or videos? What apps or services would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.


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