The Creeps Is A Tower Defense Game With Some Awesome Twists [iOS]

tower defense gameOne of the most popular genres for games on the iPhone is tower defense Although the genre is not nearly as active as it once was, it’s still hugely popular with a dedicated following of players looking forward to the latest releases. Of all the genres on the App Store, tower defense is one of the best represented. Not only is there a ton of games on the App Store in this genre, but there are actually a lot of really good ones. Even better, there are a lot of good ones that are free, which is our favorite price here at MakeUseOf.

The Creeps is a great example of a free tower defense game that is really good. It features the standard tower defense gameplay that you expect, but it does it in a fun package. If you still love sitting down and taking part in some good old-fashioned tower defense gameplay, then you will love The Creeps, especially when you consider that you can get the core game without spending a dime.


The core of the gameplay in The Creeps is pretty typical for the tower defense genre. You are placing and leveling up towers around an area and killing enemies as they try to reach the end of the level, which in this case is a bed. The enemies here are things that go bump in the night such as zombies and various other monsters. You simply tap a location on the map and choose a tower to buy. To upgrade a tower, you tap and and click the up arrow.

tower defense game

Different towers have different abilities. Some hit a large area, some slow enemies down when they shoot them and so on. The tower types are pretty standard, but they fit in quite well with the overall theme of the game.

tower defense

The game has some twists that make it interesting. Often, the levels will have obstacles that prevent you from placing towers. You will have to use your towers to destroy the obstructions, all while making sure you keep taking out the waves of enemies. This creates a more active tower defense experience because you have actually manage what you are targeting.

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There is a really interesting game mode called Door Buster. In this mode, not only do you have to keep killing the enemies that come, but you have to destroy the door to stop the enemies from pouring out. The level is filled with obstructions, you will have to work your way over to the door by destroying them so you can place towers closer to the door. All of this is happening while the waves of enemies never stop coming.

Audio and Visuals

The game has a cute, cartoonish art style, so even though it features monsters and things that go bump in the night, it is not at all scary. Instead, it has a very cheery vibe. Overall, it looks quite good. It does not have visuals that will knock your socks off like Real Racing or Infinity Blade, but it still looks great for the type of game that it is.

tower defense

The guns and enemies make enjoyable sound effects that are not at all annoying. There is nothing about the sound that is overly impressive, but it is subdued and it works well for the game. You do not want the sound to distract you from the game; you just want it to serve as some nice background noise, and The Creeps nails it.


tower defense game

The core of The Creeps is free, so it’s hard to get much better than that in terms of pricing. There are lots of in-app purchases that allow you to get more levels and extend the life of the game, but there is plenty in the free package. You can easily get a few hours of fun gameplay without ever spending a dollar.


The Creeps is a fantastic tower defense game that you can get on the App Store without opening your wallet. It features cute, cartoony visuals and some really awesome twists on the standard tower defense gameplay. Let’s be honest, tower defense games are a little tired, but The Creeps ups the ante with some new stuff that definitely makes it worth checking out.

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