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The Best Mugshot Websites To Check Out Your Criminal Side

Karl L. Gechlik 07-01-2010

MugHeadBored are you? Maybe you are looking for a way to pass the time. And what better way to amuse yourself then looking at people who have gone over to the dark side so to speak. Of course I am talking about looking at people’s mugshots online! Famous and common people alike. And yes you will see peoples mugshots in this article like JayZ, Jim Morrison and Paris Hilton!


The first mugshot website is Google’s winner of the popularity contest because of it’s name. has a lot of mugshots of wanted people from all over the world. They are not glamorous, they are not cool but hey maybe you have seen one in your hometown? Maybe that killer and drug czar is working in your home depot! Who knows? But if you never see them you won’t recognize them when you do!

I started off my mugshot website journey here at Mugshots. It is a simple site with peoples mugshots and not much else. You can find colorful comments left by people just like you. Who doesn’t want to ridicule the people down on their luck? Nah I’m just kidding but you can still peruse the mug shots.

When you arrive at the site you will see some shots and categories.

mugshot websites


You can click on a category and look through the ones that tickle your fancy.


They even have a Mugshot Maker that runs on Java to really let you see your dark side! You can access that here.

best mugshot websites


You have to conform your image to their specifications which is the file needs to be – at most – 300 x 400 pixels.It also needs to be  in JPG/GIF Format. You also have to have Java running on your machine. Lots of requirements to be a fake criminal huh?

Well moving on, let’s take a look at some of the most wanted criminals:

mugshot websites

Then from there I clicked on one of the links and got this guy, looks pretty bad.



If you read through the comments you will see what they did.  Look at what this guy did:

Police in Michigan continue their search for Edgardo “Eddie” Perez. Cops say Perez killed retired Daimler-Chrysler designer Gordon Machek, who hasn’t been seen since Oct. 20, 2001.

You can continue looking around at other categories but when you get tired of seeing all the joe schmoes out there then we can turn to the second mugshot website for more famous people. The second site is The Smoking Gun’s section of their website titled Mugshots. You can find that page at this link [No Longer Available].

When you arrive at the site you will see a screen that looks like this:



Awesome – right off the bat I see people like OJ Simpson, Jay Z, Eminem and Jim Morrison! Let’s check them out”¦

Here is Jim Morrison’s mug shot from 1970 after he exposed himself at that concert:


Next up is a little more recent. Here is Jay Z aka Sean Carter, rapper and previous owner of Rocawear clothing. He was arrested back in 1999 for allegedly stabbing a record executive. JayZ – who would have thunk it?


And how about Paris Hilton – We couldn’t leave her out. Check her out in this mugshot below:


She got arrested in 2007 for violating her probation. Yeah she went to jail for a hot second. But she still looks pretty good in her mugshots!

Do you have a favourite mugshot website for looking at mugshots?   If so, let us know about it in the comments.

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