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The 10 Best Twitter Feeds To Follow

Christian Cawley 23-05-2012

best twitter feeds to followThere are an awful lot of guides out there listing the so-called best feeds to follow on Twitter. Narrowing down a list of the ten best feeds can be tricky. There are so many users, so many fascinating topics – presenting only ten is barely scratching the surface of Twitter utopia.


So my approach has been this – I like MakeUseOf, you like MakeUseOf – so there is a very good chance that you’ll like some or all of these Twitter feeds. The following ten Twitter feeds are based on currently active and regularly tweeting accounts, so you can get signed up and start following them today.

Neil Gaiman @neilhimself

best twitter feeds to follow

A critically acclaimed author who is hugely popular, Gaiman is the man responsible for Stardust, The Sandman and latterly one of the most popular Doctor Who episodes, The Doctor’s Wife.

His tweets are personal and fascinating, veering from talking about his life to supporting peers and good causes.

Typical tweet:

“I’ve written so many things. Some resonate with people, some don’t. I’m glad you’ve read everything I did since then, though.”

Wil Wheaton @wilw

best twitter feeds

Former Star Trek: The Next Generation annoyance and current early adopter of all things tech, uber-geek Wheaton – he seemingly hails from Nerdistan – is the epitome of young, affluent men who spend too much time online and money in electronics/video game stores.

Crucially, Wheaton is a major influencer, and his reviews of video games and hardware have been known to severely impact the sales of those items.

Typical tweet:

@GeorgeTakei: I have a million dollar idea for you, George. A cologne, designed by you, called… EAU MY.”

Stephen Fry @stephenfry

best twitter feeds

Well known in the UK as the host of cerebral trivia quiz QI, for his association with Norwich City FC and for having a long running and hilarious comedy partnership with Hugh Laurie (yeah, the guy from House), Stephen Fry has considerable geek qualifications.

A well-known advocate of Apple products and a friend of the late Douglas Adams, Fry’s thoughts and reviews can make or break a product. In some circles his opinions on technology matter so much that Microsoft brought him on board for the Windows Phone launch in 2010, in which he enthused that the tech giant finally “got it”.

Typical tweet:

Hello Twitterers. I’m About to fly to Africa for a new project and will be tweeting whilst I’m filming.”

Lady Gaga @ladygaga

best twitter feeds

Love her or hate her, you cannot argue with the popularity of Lady Gaga.  At the time of writing she has over 24 million followers hanging on her every word, to which she crafts messages that appear to be addressing every single one personally.

Much of her success can be attributed to the way she has embraced Twitter, which not only charts her thoughts and feelings but her seemingly unending quest to perform and record around the world.

Typical tweet:

“Tonight was happiness, joy, gratitude. I’m the lucky one Japan. You are so special.”

Homer J. Simpson @HomerJSimpson

twitter feeds

You’ll find a lot of spoof or comedy accounts on Twitter, but few are as laugh out loud hilarious as Homer Simpson. Combining all of stupidity you would expect from The Simpsons with the added awareness of tweeting, this is one of the ultimate spoof accounts and is, thankfully, consistently funny.

Typical tweet:

“The NBA game from 3 days ago I just watched on my DVR played out just like the newspaper said it did. How about a spoiler alert paper?”

White Girl Problems @whitegrlproblem

twitter feeds

Another spoof account, but this time with a very white, middle class female attitude, White Girl Problems underlines the trivial nonsense of female-targeted sex-based franchises such as Sex and the City and the various advertising campaigns for fashion and cosmetics that tend to drive the conversation and spending of certain sections of society.

It is of course, all done to amuse, but the account has been successful enough to result in a book being published based on these mockingly shallow status updates.

Typical tweet:

I wonder if Leonardo Dicaprio ever thinks about me.”

Jason Bradbury @JasonBradbury

twitter feeds

Host of The Gadget Show and children’s author (but don’t mention Don’t Scare the Hare) Jason Bradbury is one of those guys fortunate enough to have the ultimate job. You might think the MUO team have it good, but this guy is really living the dream, checking out and trying all manner of tech, gadgets and toys, from jet powered skateboards to immersive 3D experiences… and beyond.

Typical tweet:

“& here’s me livin every comic book hero fan boy’s dream *been itchin to post this*

Felicia Day @feliciaday

The 10 Best Twitter Feeds To Follow muo 10twt11

As well as being extremely attractive, actress Felicia Day is an avid gamer and geek. She’s also a fascinating tweeter, using the platform to generate fun memes among her nearing-two-million followers and sharing cool games, comic and movie links.

When she’s not doing that, she’s sharing interesting clips that her famous friends have made. Day is one of those very rare things, a down to earth celebrity, so if you choose to follow her, treat her well.

Typical tweet:

“Did anyone read the Free Comic Day @theguild comic yesterday? Did you like it? I loved the artist tons, added a lot of funny.”

Tom Hiddleston @twhiddleston

The 10 Best Twitter Feeds To Follow muo 10twt3

I don’t generally follow big movie actors and celebrities unless they have been involved something pretty amazing. Hiddleston, however, has done a lot of exciting and interesting movies and TV over the past few years, most notably as Loki, ancient enemy of Thor and more recently the Avengers.

He’s a regular tweeter, generous with his messages and likely to share the thoughts of others, himself or even hint at coming roles.

Typical tweet:

“Sorry I’ve been quiet of late. Already hard at work on my next project. No rest for the wicked. Or the mischievous. Or the vampiric…”

Chris Luzader @techzader

best twitter feeds to follow

I’m not sure if this guy really exists, or if he is actually just made up of 1s and 0s – his feed is almost constantly updated with a whole host of fascinating links and updates which from time to time are written and not generated.

What is most interesting about the feed is that it covers a whole host of fascinating material from all across the web. If you’re every worried about missing some key tech news that might otherwise only be picked up in the far reaches of the web, Luzader’s feed will probably have it.

Typical tweet:

“Chinese physicists achieve quantum teleportation over 60 miles”


There you have it, a nice mix of techy, geeky, sporty and pop star Twitter accounts, the vast majority of which (if not all) are updated by the named user and not a PR assistant.

Of course there are many other tweeters out there who you might prefer, so let us know if there are any excellent and relevant Twitter accounts that you think other readers should follow.

Finally, don’t forget that you can follow @MakeUseOf on Twitter!

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  1. GamerJunkdotNet
    May 25, 2012 at 4:38 am

    Not a fan of this list.

    Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Bruce Campbell all have funny original content

  2. Cory Gordinier
    May 24, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    @MrJamesMay (!/mrjamesmay)

    @JcrClarksonEsq (!/jcrclarksonesq)

    Because Top Gear is AWESOME. More awesome, than, say, Gaga.

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    May 23, 2012 at 7:42 pm

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