Texture Library: Download Hundreds of Free Cool Background Textures
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If you are designing a website or application, giving it a brilliant textured background can help make the interface very pleasing to the end user. Texture Library is one online location where you can look for great backgrounds and textures.

free background textures

Texture Library is a website hosting numerous textures and backgrounds. These images are sorted in distinguishable categories such as clouds, marble, stone, and wood. Along with each category’s name, you can see the number of textures and backgrounds it contains. Clicking on any category will open up its contents.

cool backgrounds

You can click on any image and then use it for wherever you want. By clicking a link in the updates section at the site’s top, you can get access to high resolution doors textures (about 6 megapixels images).

Sometime ago Texture Library used to be an ad-supported site. But now the site is clean from all ads and completely free to visit and use.


Check out Texture Library @ www.textures.forrest.cz

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