TextOnly: Read Web Content in Clutter-Free Interface [Android]
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Reading website content and blogs on the small screen of your mobile phone isn’t usually a smooth experience. If the website has a good mobile version, then all well and good, but if it doesn’t, then reading with all that clutter on a cellphone screen is a pain. So Android users can try out this app, which is basically a browser, called TextOnly.

As the name indicates, it renders content in text-only mode, removing all the clutter from the content. It can also show a list of articles if you enter the feed URL or the Twitter profile URL in its address bar.

clutter free interface


The app is currently in beta, and shows a list of popular sites and blogs that it supports. I am not sure if it works only on those sites or every other site, so if you are an Android user, you’ll need to check that out.


  • Read content in text-only mode on your Android phone.
  • Free app, supports a lot of popular blogs and sites.
  • Similar tools: Links In Text-Only Mode, NotForest, Readmeo, TidyRead, Readability, Readable, and AllTextPaper.

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