5 Text, Voice, and Video Call Apps You Can Use Without Registration

Mihir Patkar 24-07-2018

Technology is at its best when it gets out of the way and lets you do what you want. When you want to talk to someone, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops downloading an app or signing up for a service. These fantastic apps are what you need.


Usually, your office is likely to use a service like Skype or GoToMeetings, but those fail to work When Skype Isn't Working: 7 Key Settings You Must Check Skype won't connect or has no sound? These troubleshooting steps solve most common Skype problems. Read More sometimes. And with the number of data and privacy leaks happening these days, it’s probably better if you use a service without ever giving them your email or password.

These apps have different purposes, but a common thread to bind them all. They don’t need you to install anything, and they don’t need you to register. All these messenger services work from a modern web browser on desktop or mobile. And they are all free.

JumpChat: Awesome Skype Alternative for Video Conferences

5 Text, Voice, and Video Call Apps You Can Use Without Registration chat jumpchat

JumpChat is another free video conferencing apps 5 Free Video Conference Apps for Office Meetings and Friendly Calls Do you need Skype anymore? These free video conference apps let you set up an office meeting or reconnect with friends quickly. Read More that doesn’t need anyone to register to use it. You start a chat, share the link, and you’re ready to start talking. It supports free video and audio calling for up to eight people simultaneously.

JumpChat does more than just setting up a video chat though. You can also share your screen, so others can see what’s happening on your window. There’s a simple chat function to send messages. And in a feature that sets it apart from our favorite app Move Over Google Plus Hangouts. Is Here & It's Really Good People have been crying out for a decent video conferencing app for ages. We thought that was Google Plus. We were wrong. Meet Read More , JumpChat lets you share files with other users with a peer-to-peer connection, so it’s more secure.


If you use the app regularly, you can use the JumpChat mobile apps. But it’s not necessary, you can use the service on a mobile web browser without any issue.

Download: JumpChat for Android | iOS (Free)

Webroom: Free Video Conferences for Small Teams

5 Text, Voice, and Video Call Apps You Can Use Without Registration chat webroom

Webroom doesn’t want you to sign up to use it, but it still requires an email address from you. I’m not sure why that is, but hey, you get to create a room immediately and invite up to eight participants for a video conference.

While JumpChat and feel a bit more casual, Webroom seems to be primed for small teams and office users. It also has file-sharing between all of you, but it also adds Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations so you can collaborate with your files The 8 Best Google Teamwork Tools for Online Collaboration Google has a roster of cloud tools built for teamwork. Here are the best Google teamwork tools for remote work with your team. Read More in the G Suite. Webroom also lets you create a shared whiteboard The 5 Best Free Online Digital Whiteboard Apps That Aren't Google or Microsoft A whiteboard is a useful collaboration tool for teams. Here are the best free online digital whiteboard apps. Read More so you can brainstorm while still having a chat. And you can play a video or audio file (including YouTube videos) in the chat, so everyone can see it simultaneously.

If you like how Webroom functions, feel free to register for an account. This gives you a few additional features like session history and a meeting scheduler.

Volafile: Chat With Dropbox-like File-Sharing

5 Text, Voice, and Video Call Apps You Can Use Without Registration chat volafile

File-sharing and chat are usually two separate entities. You share something in Dropbox and then send your friends a message about it. Volafile combines file-sharing and chat, while adding a bit of privacy too.

Create a room and send its link to anyone you want to participate in it. You can share files up to 20GB in size per file. Any file will stay online for 48 hours, after which it is automatically deleted. Any participants can filter the files by video, image, music, documents, or archives for quick sorting. And there’s a handy search feature too.

Remember, it’s all anonymous 5 Easy Websites to Share Files Online Without Signing Up Read More and the privacy policy says the site doesn’t read any of the files you upload. This could be a much safer way to share sensitive files than to upload it on popular cloud storage providers.

Cyph: One-on-One Chat for Always Encrypted Audio, Video, and Text

5 Text, Voice, and Video Call Apps You Can Use Without Registration chat cyph

Cyph is the app for those who want a secure line of communication with one other person, where you can say and share anything you want without it ever being leaked.

Cyph wants to be the alternative to Messenger by Facebook, given the privacy suspicions around Facebook 4 Reasons Why Facebook Is a Security and Privacy Nightmare Facebook is no longer the king of the social media castle. If you value your anonymity, security, and privacy, here are some great reasons to quit Facebook today. Read More . It’s an end-to-end encrypted chat service that works on the browser, and even lets you share files.

Cyph is all about its encryption, which is akin to what you would get if you use an app like Signal messenger How to Ensure Your Signal Messages Really Disappear for Good The Signal messaging app is great for privacy, but there's an issue that you should know about: messages that are supposed to disappear are leaving traces behind. Read More . Cyph encrypts all your video and voice calls, along with your chats. Even the documents you share, be it photos or videos, are encrypted, so they are safe from data leaks.

Unlike many of the other chat apps in this article, Cyph restricts you to one-on-one chat session. You can’t use Cyph for group messaging or sharing unless you’re ready to pay for one of its business plans.

Chatzy: Quick, Free, Feature-Filled Text Chatroom

5 Text, Voice, and Video Call Apps You Can Use Without Registration chat chatzy

Our favorite no-signup chatroom, TinyChat, is now a video conferencing app. The search for a replacement led us to Chatzy, which might just be a better app overall.

Chatzy feels like an old-school chatroom app, but with a ton of modern features. You can get notified when someone says a certain word, send emojis, set up text expansion What Is Text Expansion & How Can It Help You Save Time? If you could save yourself even a small fraction of the time you spend typing, you could save hours of your time every week. That's exactly what text expansion is for. Read More , and do much more. If you’re creating a room yourself, check out the advanced settings to see the myriad options you can apply to your room.

In effect, Chatzy is a free chatroom creator that comes filled with the kind of features you see in full-fledged chat apps like Slack. But it still requires no registration and protects your privacy, which most big chat apps can’t say about themselves.

Stop Signing Up

There is a real threat to your privacy and data if you keep using apps that require you to sign up for their services. Whenever you can use an app without registering for it, that’s a better option to choose. Get started with these 15 excellent no-signup websites 15 Excellent No-Sign Up Websites for Everyday Use Do you like websites which have no sign-ups, no registerations, and no downloads? Then, you will like these hassle free web apps and sites which make daily productivity a lot easier. Read More for everyday use.

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