7 Amazing Free Android Apps for Better SMS Text Messaging

Mihir Patkar 04-07-2016

Even with the rise of instant messaging apps, good old SMS still reigns supreme. In fact, a survey last year found that 72% of respondents preferred simple text messaging to any of the new apps.


But how do you get the best SMS experience on Android? You’ll obviously need a great text messaging app, but there are other add-on apps that can bring functionality and features you always wished for.

So we rounded up excellent, free apps that any Android user who texts a lot should install. But whatever you do, be safe in your SMS practices. Remember, even a single text can hack some Android How 95% of Android Phones Can Be Hacked with a Single Text A new Android vulnerability has the security world worried - and it leaves your smartphone extremely vulnerable. The StageFright bug allows malicious code to be sent by MMS. What can you do about this security... Read More  devices.

Best SMS Client: TrueMessenger [No Longer Available]

Once you get TrueMessenger, you can’t go back to any other text messaging client. It was one of the best Android apps of 2015 The Best New Android Apps Released in 2015 Some really amazing apps hit the scene in 2015 -- let's take a look at the best. Read More , and for good reason. TrueMessenger identifies unknown numbers who have sent you messages and relies on crowd intelligence to block spam.

TrueMessenger also has an “Undo Send” feature, much like Gmail’s What's New in Good Old Gmail? 5 Features You Should Check Out You might have missed out on a few new features Gmail has gradually added in the past year. So let's look at what deserves our attention. Read More , giving you a five second window to stop a regretful text from going through.

It has been my primary client for more than a year, and the more you use it, the better it gets Identify Unknown Numbers and Block Spam Text Messages with Truemessenger for Android Truemessenger is a fantastic new app for sending and receiving text messages, and it can tell you who an unknown number is and block spam. Read More . You can block numbers, or entire series of numbers and names, making the spam filter extremely useful. Of course, this also means you don’t get notified of rubbish junk texts that you can safely ignore.


These are just some of its features that make it my favorite tool, but there are questions about its privacy implications — especially since it requires you to upload your entire Contacts book to its database.

If you’d prefer some other client, Justin thinks Hangouts is the best all-in-one messaging and calling app The Best All-in-One Messaging & Calling App for Android: Google Hangouts What if there was one app that could do it all? Meet Google Hangouts for Android. Read More , and the Play Store has plenty of other alternative SMS apps you should check out Text Better With These Alternative SMS Apps for Android Don't like your default SMS app? Try a new one! Read More .

Download: TrueMessenger for Android (Free) on the Play Store [No Longer Available]

Smart Reply Suggestions: Fluenty [No Longer Available]

Good software is all about anticipating the user’s needs and catering to them. It’s what makes Google Inbox so efficient 10 Super Efficient Ways Inbox by Gmail Saves You Time Inbox by Gmail is Google's most recent approach to email organization and management. It can give you a simpler email workflow. Find out if Inbox by Gmail can be the better choice for you. Read More . The app has a “Smart Reply” feature, which suggests pre-generated replies in boxes based on the content of the email. Click the applicable box, and it’ll be auto-inserted.


That’s what Fluenty (also called Talkey) brings to the table for text messages — and it even works on Android Wear smartwatches Which Android Wear Smartwatch Is Best For You? In the market for an Android Wear smartwatch? Let's compare all the options available now and make the decision easy. Read More , saving you the trouble of typing on a tiny screen. Fluenty’s ease of use is what makes it a treat.

Give it access to your notifications, and every new SMS will pop-up with a Smart Reply option. Tap that to see a list of suggested messages that you can send in one tap. If one fits but you want to add more, simply tap and hold it. You’ll get a text edit window to reply, with the suggestion already inserted into the text box.

Fluenty also mines through your existing Sent folder to find messages you type often, and adds them to its list of suggestions. Plus, you can manually add things to the Custom Reply list. Fluenty also works with other text messaging apps like Hangouts and WhatsApp.

Download: Fluenty for Android (Free) on the Play Store [No Longer Available]


Reply Profiles and Scheduling: Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler [No Longer Available]

The last time we looked at apps to send text messages later 3 Ways to Schedule SMS Text Messages on Android If you want to schedule text messages to ensure you never forget to send one again, you need one of these apps. Read More , Auto SMS stood out since it also let you send automatic replies when you’re busy. In most ways, Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler is an improved version of that, offering a better UI.

The app makes you choose what you want to do right now: set it to autoresponder or set it to scheduler. And that’s key, since this one act stops you from accidentally keeping the autoresponder on when you don’t need it.


The scheduler is easy to set up, as you just need to select the date and time, write the message, and add contacts from your address book.


The autoresponder makes you set profiles and compose replies that will get automatically sent when you activate a profile. It’s a bit like setting up Android’s Priority Mode How to Set Up Android's Priority Mode (and Get Back Silent Mode) Volume controls changed a lot in Lollipop, so we're here to help you make sense of all of it. Read More , but only for SMS.

Download: Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler for Android (Free) on the Play Store

Sync, Read, and Send Texts on Any Device: MySMS

I have been an avid fan of MightyText for a long time, but that has changed recently. These days, MySMS wins my vote as the app to sync your texts across devices, and send and receive SMS from your computer How to Text From Your Computer: 10 Apps to View and Send Text Messages Here's how to view and send text messages on your computer, whether you use Android or iPhone and Windows or Mac. Read More .

Where MySMS excels is in its cross-platform appeal (i.e., it works on computers, tablets, and phones). So you can install MySMS on your iPad and read a text that your Android phone just got, plus reply to that text through your iPad itself. It’s absolutely brilliant, and no other app does it as smoothly.

MySMS also has other cool features baked into it, like message scheduling and favoriting texts. That’s just the free version too, whereas the Premium version adds auto-backup of texts to your Google Drive How to Backup Your Android Phone Logs and SMS to Google Drive Spreadsheets The new IFTTT for Android will automatically store them forever in your Google Drive. Read More or Dropbox.

Download: MySMS for Android (Free) and for other platforms

A Few Other Apps: “Nice, But Not Essential”

Every Android user should have the above four apps, especially if you use SMS regularly. But there are a few others which are hit-or-miss, and it’s all about whether you like them or not. Make your own call on these.


Hoverchat for Chat Bubbles [No Longer Available]: Do you like how Facebook’s Chat Heads appear on your screen, ready to reply without leaving whatever you’re doing? Hoverchat brings that to SMS Hoverchat Brings Facebook Messenger's Chat Heads To SMS If you text a lot, you know the annoyances of leaving the app you're in every time you receive a text, but with HoverChat, you never have to leave your current app. Read More . Importantly, you can choose which contacts get bubbles and which don’t, so it’s restricted to those you’d have text conversations with, not just a one-off message.

Last Message: [No Longer Available] Try as you might to improve battery life on Android 10 Proven and Tested Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android Suffering from poor battery life on Android? Follow these tips to get more juice out of your Android device's battery. Read More , it’s going to die at some point. What you need then is Last Message, a simple app that auto-sends an SMS to important contacts — like your significant other — telling them that your phone’s battery has died, which is why you can’t be reached.


Messenger by Google: The simple, official messaging app by Google is now available for download, in case you have a non-Nexus device and want to get the stock Android experience without rooting How to Get the Stock Android Experience on Any Phone You can get the stock Android experience on almost any Android phone with these apps, including a stock Android launcher and more. Read More . It is also lightning-quick at searching through your texts — faster than any other app I’ve seen.

What’s Your Favorite?

Hopefully, this list should give you all the tools you need to make your text messaging experience better than ever before. If you know any other must-have SMS apps, share them in the comments below.

Also, in your daily use, what do you rely on the most: SMS, WhatsApp and other phone-based messengers, or instant messengers like Hangouts? Which one do you prefer and why?

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  1. UserAppLady33
    March 25, 2017 at 2:51 am

    Google Messenger is good? I have it installed by default and used it and now have to replace it - it's garbage because it lacks ability to disable what Google put in by default which is to group all your texts by who send them. This even includes the ones you archived. Do you know what a zoo it is to sort through archived texts being tossed in with new ones every time? It's maddening! I have to read first the dates on all of them first lest I read old texts and not realize it. And then so much for saving something in case you need it because the second that person texts you again, here it comes out of the archive and into the new texts!!! defeating my saving it!!!

    Google sucks with their "grouping ideas". They also did this with gmail email but luckily had the sense enough to let people disable the two settings that causes this nightmare. Not so for this texting app, can't undo disable anything so you're stuck with a mess. I hate it and want one that WORKS!!

    Google -

    Stop grouping things against people's wills like you "read our thoughts and knew we'd want it that way"! You're not mind readers! Fine to offer it as a feature and let the user DECIDE to enable it, but look at what you've done here?! Now I have to rid your dumb idea!

    I could be a better app developer with one hand tied behind my back and blind and do it better than these people. Ugg. And all this looking and looking I have to do because of them too to replace it, don't get me started, I've already been at it for a few hours and I'm still going!! I paid for this Google, it should work right out-of-the-box so refund my money for the app part of it please!!! $$$ now!!!

  2. Scott
    July 6, 2016 at 1:11 am

    "Every Android user should have the above four apps, especially if you use SMS regularly."

    How does one manage four separate SMS apps?

  3. Ben Stegner
    July 4, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    I still use Textra, myself. I haven't tried TrueMessenger because I don't have any problems with spam text messages, so I don't feel like I'm not its target market.

    What I really wish is that most of my friends would migrate to Telegram instead of using plain texting, but that's not really something I can help!

    • Spencer
      July 5, 2016 at 1:46 pm

      Ben, I also use Textra. I was honestly quite surprised that it wasn't included in this list. The overlay window alone is worth mentioning in this post.

      I also agree on Telegram (or Signal, since both are great for e2e), but I'm hoping that more large platforms will adopt encryption like WhatsApp has.