TeuxDeux: Minimalist Web-Based To-Do List Tool
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There are tons of to-do apps and task managers around but none of them have a greater focus on design than TeuxDeux. TeuxDeux is a simple and free web-based to-do list application that is visually compelling and highly intuitive.

The app provides you with a weekly view, with the ability to add tasks to any day of the week with a single click. The current day is highlighted in red for easy identification. You can also check off the tasks that are completed and/or completely delete them from the list. If you have accidentally checked off a task, simply click on it again to make it unchecked. If you are not sure about the date of a task, simple add it to the someday list.

web-based to-do list


  • Web-based to-do list application.
  • Visually appealing and user-intuitive.
  • Create and delete tasks.
  • Move tasks from one day to another by dragging.
  • Check off tasks as they are completed.
  • iPhone app coming soon.
  • Similar tools: Tasck and LifePartition.

Visit TeuxDeux @ TeuxDeux.com

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