Test SMTP: Test Your SMTP Server Online

MOin 13-08-2010

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol used to send and receive emails. Your SMTP server needs to be properly configured so that it is not misused for spamming and does not cause any other problems. To check the configuration of your SMTP server, visit Test SMTP.


test your smtp server

Test SMTP is a free and very simple to use website that will run a series of tests on your SMTP server. All you have to do is enter the server’s address in the field provided and click on the Test button.

test smtp server online

To get your SMTP server’s address, open up your Command Prompt and type in ping or ping You will obtain some numbers which will be your server’s address. You take these numbers and pass them through Test SMTP. This will initiate the tests and let you know of its outcome.

Test SMTP: Test Your SMTP Server Online smtp server2



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